Friday, January 04, 2013

Winston's First Haircut

 Sweet little Winston! When he turned one we both decided that his sweet blond hair needed a trim. Here is a shot of him with Grandma Marguerite so you can see how it looked. It's so blond that it's hard to see, but it was getting pretty mullety in the back and not very filled in on top.
 So I started to cut his sweet baby locks and Clayton took over after a few minutes. He buzzes his own head all of the time and is way more experienced with the clippers.
 He was pretty good for as wiggly as he is.

 And here is an accidental shot that gives a good after. Hello, Eleanor. But look at his cute little head! He looks so much better! And so much like a little kid now, instead of my baby. Waa. Of course, as I type this 7 months later, I realize that he's had one haircut. One. And I suppose it is high time to do it again. Winston? Maybe it's time for Eleanor's first official haircut? (I've cut her bangs before.) Nope. No no no no no no.


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