Thursday, May 11, 2006

Back the freak off freaking stock-boy!!

Why is it that in a grocery store I can either walk around for three hours with no one to help me find the Rit Dye, or I get this guy? -
Me: "Hi, could you tell me where the toothpaste is?" Note I said TELL, not show.
Him: "Sure, follow me!"
Ok, that's nice of him. The aisle number was all I was shooting for, but maybe he wants a break from facing the Jello.(Facing is the task of making all the boxes or cans sit the same way at the front of the shelf. I worked in a grocery store for 4 years, I know the biz.)
And so he leads me to the toothpaste.
Me: "Thank you."
Him: "Sure."
And he stands there. And I self consciously shop for my toothpaste.
Him: "Anything else I can help you find?"
Me: "No, no thank you."
Him: "Ya, there's toothpaste right here and over here is mouthwash, and up here is the organic kind."
Me: "Oh... sure, thanks."
And he will not leave! He stands there looking at toothpaste with me for another two minutes until I finally move. Then he follows me off. Now this is not a case of some weird boy stalking thing, this happens with girls too. You ask them one question and they have now become your personal shopper. It happens to me all the time and it bugs! Somewhere else in the store a poor woman is desperately trying to find Rit Dye to no avail (Is it by the laundry stuff? By the spray paint or maybe the light bulbs? Where?) and is cursing the store under her breath.
I wonder if I fit some shoplifting profile and they feel the need to keep a close eye on me. Or maybe I look stupid and they doubt that I could find the toothpaste aisle if I all I have is the number to go by. Who knows. What I do know is that this is possibly the lamest blog yet. It was just an unfortunate day where I hit three different stores (Smiths, Target and Home Depot) and it happened at all three. Bizarre.

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