Thursday, January 03, 2013

Misc Summer 2012

So- how about a few odds and ends from the summer? I'm only six months behind on my blog. Yikes. Let's start where we left off. Unpacking the moving truck. My brothers and a dear neighbor helped us move all of our crap into my parents shed. Thanks heavens for that. I would hate to be paying money to have to get a storage unit and essentially rent our stuff until we move again. Mainly because nothing we own is worth the amount it would cost. Heck, nothing we own is worth more than $20. Ha. Anyhow, here is our sweet, bald, baby Winston playing with the bleach and wiper-fluid. 
We kept a keen eye on him while we worked, obviously.
 Eleanor reacquainted herself with our immediate neighbor, Charlotte. Hooray for friends!
One of the best parts of moving back to Utah is getting to see our cousins more! Allie is such a sweet helper with Winston.
And it's fun to see the older cousins as well! Like Ryan and Kirsten and her sweet baby Rosaline.
Whom my children adore. Winston gets all spazzy around her and it cracks me up.
Rozzie Jean!
More Allie-time.
Poor Winston! We put him down for a nap he DID NOT want to take. After his fussing calmed down, I go in to check on him and find this. Ohhhhhhhh! My poor little man!
And here he is showing his sterner side at Target.
And then his happier side 2 seconds later. Kids are so funny.  

The kids, my mom and I went to the cemetery on Memorial Day to visit Seth's grave. It was the first time for Winston, and boy did the kids love the "park." Flowers, pinwheels and flags everywhere!

Eleanor looked so sweet looking at his headstone.
And Winston... oh yeah, Winston. We had to stop him from eating every one's flowers. As seen here.
Back at home Eleanor and Abby worked on their splits. Eleanor also likes to do somersaults and call them everything from "dimnastix" to "tartwheeeeels" (gymnastics, cartwheels) or whatever else the Olympic team is doing. Funny story, when watching the Olympics, Eleanor was fascinated by the girl's teams. One time while watching a gal do her floor routine she tells me "Oh! Mom! I tan do a flippy-roll like dat!" (I can do a flippy-roll like that!) Then the same gymnast does some insane run across the mat and Eleanor says in just as enthusiastically, "Oh! I bet I tannott do dat!" (Oh, I bet I can not do that!) Another time while watching the gymnasts she says, "Oh! She's dust lite Woner Woman!" (She's just like Wonder Woman.)
Win and Grandpa Tom.
At Tom and Jenni's house, there was a stray dog they had hanging around for a few days. The kids freaking looooooved him.  
More fun with Abby. Abby takes care of Grandma Marguerite during the summer so we got a lot of wonderful time with her. Here they are doing nails again. I love this picture especially as Eleanor looks so much like Allie here!
More to come! Win's first birthday! Firth Reunion! Park City and more!! Stay tuned!!! Or not, I really can't promise anything these days.


Beckie said...

I am so happy you updated your blog!! Your kids are so cute. I love that you added pictures of Seth's grave. Doug and I try to take our kids down there 1-2 times a year.

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