Friday, January 04, 2013

Boise 2012

My mom blessedly decided to come with me to Boise for the funeral and it was a wonderful help as Clayton couldn't come.. We got a hotel room and were able to see my niece Allison and her kids during our short stay. Ayla and Roman are almost exactly one year older than both of my kids and they played together so well. We got to take them swimming and go out to dinner in our short time there. Eleanor talks about Ayla all the time and asks when we can go back to Allie's special house again. (Mind you, she means her cousin Allie- Tom & Jenni's daughter, not her older cousin Allison. All hotels are Allie's Special House due to our trip to Park City earlier that summer.)
The cuties posing on the coffee table at the hotel.
 The girls...
 And the boys! Roman was blinky.
 And out at dinner.
 They held hands for most the evening.
 Where Roman ate plate after plate of pasta and calamari. That boy can put it away! I've never seen someone so little eat so much. He was so adorable.
And back at the hotel, Eleanor fell asleep in her dress and I had to take a picture. This is honestly how she sleeps, all curled up like a darling angel. In the mornings when I get Winston up I usually tuck her back in (She sleeps soooo much longer than he does!) and she always tucks in like this, wiggles a bit and then smiles in her sleep. It gets me every time.


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