Friday, May 23, 2008

Yet another trip, Hawaii again

So my brother and his family went to Hawaii in mid-April. And heaven forbid anyone go anywhere without us, so we joined them for a few days. It's been a while since I blogged last, so there are a bunch of shots.

This is at the Dole Plantation. Pineapple is truly the best reason to go to Hawaii, beaches smeaches. We enjoyed an educational train ride around the grounds (the under two passengers in our group might have enjoyed it more than the rest of us) and went through the maze.

Here is my niece Megan making her way through a hole in the maze walls. It's supposed to be the largest maze in the world. Who knows? You have to go through and find check points, as opposed to finding your way out. It's timed.
Here are Tommy and Megan outside the maze.
Awesome Tommy made a record time and got his name on the board. 22 minutes! Ya, we all finished about twenty minutes later.
Afterwards we stopped at Maui Mikes (on Oahu) for lunch. That's me and my brother Tom. It is one of my parents favorite restaurants and they are always telling people to go when they are in Hawaii. Now I know why. It is dang good chicken.
Clayton and I on the Hawaii Temple grounds. The north side of the island is so pretty.
Here is little Allie "hanging ten" in her hotel room. She kept us entertained the whole trip.

Here she is posing as a pineapple at the plantation.
Clayton and Marianne on the north shore.
Tom and Jenni have an awesome camera that they were learning to use. So they offered to take some pictures of us and everyone else in the group. The grounds near their hotel were so beautiful. We are on the west shore looking south here.
Same spot looking north.
On one of the four man-made lagoons that their resort has. It was so gorgeous.
More of us.
Clayton loves trees. "Hug it. Keep hugging it, hug it down." For my tree hugging reference see:
It's Strongbad's bottom ten. The one I am referencing is number 4. More to come. We went on another trip....

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