Friday, January 04, 2013

More Misc Summer 2012

Just a few more from the summer that don't really fit in anywhere. 

Eleanor and Allie looking so tan, smiley and adorable!
 Bunners! Sorry I'm so inappropriate.
 Allie and Eleanor got invited to Allie's cousin's birthday party. It was a combined party for Sophie and Millie! Such adorable girls, and their mom, Allison (a different one, we have quite a few) threw an incredible party. Um, they had a pony there for pony rides. I mean, come on! What a dream come true for a little girl. One day when we are employed I hope to totally copy her. Here is Eleanor in the saddle.
 And being "brave" and petting her. Yeah, cause man can little tame ponies be ferocious!
 Allie, complete with adorable hat.
 And another day Eleanor puts on an assortment of clothes and informs me that she is Wonder Woman! Arrrrr!
 And another day Clayton got a one word score of 161 points on Words With Friends for reequip against my brilliant friend, Heidi. I'm so proud. I'm pretty sure this was post-bar. I told you this was miscellaneous.


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