Friday, January 04, 2013

Potty Training!

So long ago Eleanor was an itty bitty baby of barely 2 years old when she started showing a serious interest in using the toilet. I was pregnant with Winston and got tired of taking her to the bathroom only to have to awkwardly balance her on the toilet in my ever enlarging state. She would ask several times a day and not once did she get what was supposed to happen in there. I bought her the little practice potty, but as you can see from the next two pictures, she didn't quite get that either.
 And then wise mothers told me not to bother right before we had the baby, then people said not to do it during the summer (swimsuits and outdoor play aren't conducive to staying dry) and then people said not to do it before a big trip etc... etc... And honestly, I was getting the hang of two kids and wasn't too concerned. So we bided our time and pretty much let Eleanor potty train herself. Which she did. Then, early this summer (2012) she started using her little potty, so we made a sticker chart and set a prize and voila! Within a week she was dry all day and even all night. 

So she earned this. Well, a different one almost like it that comes with a better horse. I couldn't find the picture. 
However, she didn't quite understand act two, so to speak. She was staying completely dry, but having the ick accident once a day. Well, we made another sticker chart, got another prize (I wanted to buy it anyways) and within the week she earned that too.
 And she was so so happy! Look! It's Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in the boat with little plastic lanterns! How do you not want this toy? It's only the best part of the movie/year!
 I'm telling you, folks. I could write a book on potty training. Titled- "Just Wait A Freaking Long Time And They Will Do It Themselves". Ok, so maybe that's the whole book. Of course, now I'm enjoying the good life of a potty trained child and now want the baby done too. Oh well. I can wait two more years. Ha ha.


Jacob said...

Hurray for E and you! My mother-in-law let her kids train themselves, too. I wish I had done that. I'm still scarred by the trauma of it all.

Jacob said...

And this is Charlotte, not Jacob. Why doesn't he ever sign out!

Oh, and I love Winston's grown up haircut from 7 months ago!

LD said...

Aahhhh the potty training saga! It is heavenly when they are in the panties. I have loved catching up on you guys!

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