Thursday, January 03, 2013

Winston's First Birthday!

 Our sweet boy turned one! (Um, waaaay back in June, the 19th to be exact. Please ignore the fact that this is being typed in January.) Our cute little elf baby, the smiliest, happiest, chillest, fastest, wiggliest, cutest little baby anyone ever had- turned one! I always feel like he is getting so short-changed compared to Eleanor. She was first and got the fireworks and rockets while this poor guy has had to settle for Pop-Its and paper-planes. Eh, we try. Kind of. Such is the life for all second-born, right? Right? Anyhow, I wanted him to have a proper party so we threw him a robot themed party at Tom & Jenni's house complete with a piñata!
 Little man with all of his presents!
 Playing with his girlfriend, Megan.
 With Mom and Dad! He's so happy!
 And playing with his toys! He got this cute race-way from his cousin Allie and friend Jed. He also got a red truck just like grandpa's, Noah's Ark complete with 30 extra animals, egg puzzle thing and a whole bunch of other things I forgot as it was 7 months ago!
 Winston waving to his adoring fans with Allie's cousin Abby, not to be confused with his cousin Abby. However, we love them both.
 Trying his hand at opening his rocket. I looked everywhere for a robot piñata, but apparently they don't exist. I was so happy to find this one to keep it kind of space themed.
 Eleanor giving it a go. I think our cousin Abby finally opened it, or maybe Jack or Calvin. Again, it was a long time ago! Sorry Win!
 The goods! We had Fruities, fans, Chinese Yo Yos, robot erasers and other filler stuff in there.
 Look at his little frog-stance! I love how he had no idea on what to really do here.
 Starting to get it... with Jed and Allie.
 Eleanor knew right what to do. Piñatas in Michigan were a regular occurrence.
 Here is his cake! I really liked how it turned out. Originally I wanted to cut out the cakes and make them into the robot shape but then, you know, second child. In the pan is good enough.
  Oh man, that little dimple kills me daily!
 The rest of the pictures are of him with his individual cake. He did a great job devouring it and making a proper mess. 

 So at the end of the night, all hopped up on candy and cake, we return home. And I suddenly have a little boy with more energy than he has ever had in his long one year before. As we are getting the kids ready for bed he starts this hilarious routine of putting his head down on the ground, sticking his arms out and his bum straight up into the air for a few seconds then crawling off as fast as he can, going about halfway across the room and then turning around to head back and start it all again. He must have done this 7 or 8 times before I even grabbed my camera. Oh, and sorry for the nudity, he thought it was extra funny to keep his diaper off. And let's be honest, we did too.
I finally got a diaper halfway on him during the performance, thinking it would slow him down but nooo. He kept at it for another 5 minutes or so. What a goose!


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