Saturday, February 24, 2007

Second Try

I wrote a nice long entry the other day and erased it with one bad stroke of the mouse. Grrr. So instead of another blog, I will just post the pictures. We went to Moab for President's Day Weekend. Super fun. However, I am still missing the "Jeeping Is Fun!" chip. I apparently have the "We Are All Going To Roll To Our Shredded Glassy-Death Down This Canyon" chip. I even managed to accidentally reformat my camera and lost half of our pictures. Luckily it was before we went to Arches National Park. Which is amazing. Windy, but amazing.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

What I should be doing right now is not this.

I finally have a calling in my ward! I get to teach once a month in R.S. Best calling ever. After Nursery. Tomorrow is the big day. So I thought that I would work really hard on my lesson and prepare like crazy. Umm... ya. Blogging about, well, nothing in particular. Writing this and ripping music to our computer (right now it's all of my old Blur albums) seems to be more important than focusing on my lesson. I wonder what the topic is about? Just kidding. I read the title last week so I am way ahead of the game. I am sort of a "do it when it REEAAALLY needs to get done" kind of gal. Otherwise I just don't feel the urgency. Don't get me wrong, I love this calling and I love preparing when I finally do it, just not right now. I was this way in school too. It's odd to see that my husband has the exact same habits as I do. He won't write a 15 page paper until the night before it's due. Some day this will probably not work to our advantage. A recent case of procrastination? Two weeks ago my niece Abby asked me to help her make a dress so she could be Elizabeth the 1st for a school project. Her choice. I forgot and ended up with one day to make a nine year old into a Tudor Queen. Well miracle of miracles,I found an eighties tea length prom dress at DI, and with a little work ended up with a dress that fit her. Luck like that doesn't cure me of my problem. Oh well.
Still don't know how to rotate pictures. Isn't she cute? She's been reading up on all of the Tudor court lately. Not the best role models for a child, but at least she has an interest in history outside of what they are making her learn in school.

Well- it's now the Friday after the lesson. It went surprisingly well. Even with my late start I always end up with too much material to cover and not enough time. Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. Is it truly the most commercial holiday? I know people spend more at Christmas, but at least there is more of a reason there. Oh well. C and I both worked so we will be having our romantic dinner on Saturday. Unless we go to Moab, in which case... ya. We don't really care because every night is a romantic dinner. Kidding. We try to lay on the 'blech' for everyone. The one right of newly-weds is to make people uncomfortable on a regular basis.

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