Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eleanor Laughing

Here is a little snippet of Eleanor laughing from a few weeks ago. Her cousin Megan has a gift for getting her to giggle. This clip might make your head explode with cuteness, so beware. Also- you will have to forgive the background noise of someone (we wont say who) talking about dilating. We talk about pregnancy and all that jazz a lot. So again, focus on ear-meltingly adorable Eleanor.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Good grief! It's been quite a while.

Just some odds and ends to fill everyone in on what we've been up to.

Eleanor went to her first graduation at the Marriott center. Her cousin Megan graduated from Lone Peak High School. It was a long night, but Eleanor was great.
Kirsten and I however, got a little bored and passed the time choosing our least favorite names from the program ("Utah" names like Jaxtopher), and taking "MySpace" pictures of ourselves. Sessy.
Antics at which Eleanor rolled her eyes. She will have to get used to her immature mother.
"Come on mom. Please. Let's behave, alright?"
Megan had a nice turnout of family to cheer her on.
Eleanor still hates tummy time. I think it is beneath her (no pun intended), as she seems a bit bored of it. And when she cries I swear she is telling us, "I can already lift my head up! Why do I have to do this?" Because the books tell us to, that's why. A good tummy day...
And a not so good tummy day...

She is still flipping us off with some regularity. We didn't pose this. Her middle finger is just awfully active.
She got some darling tights from her cousin Allie, who insists that they don't fit Eleanor. She says that they are too big for her. Allie is two, so there are bound to be some issues of possessions. Mostly though, Allie is her biggest fan and loves to talk to her, bring her things, imitate her and especially watch her diaper being changed. Allie has just been potty trained, so all things in that field are fascinating.
She loves to laugh now. Not everyone can get her to do it. Like mom a lot of the time. Megan however, is a riot to Eleanor. She can always get her laughing.
She loves reading time! A girl after her mother's heart.
She also really loves her cousin Abby. And Abby loves Eleanor.
She is growing bigger every day, and is growing out of a lot of her clothes. Sniff. On the plus side, she is fitting into some of the outfits we bought her months ago. Like this one.
It's true, she does. And one of the Jack & Janie dresses I bought her. Squeeee and squeee.
We visited the Higginson clan out in Springville and Eleanor got to meet Brian & Lisa's oldest son Vaughn. He's a fan, I think.
We asked him if he wanted to give her a kiss but he kept saying no. He apparently just wanted to gaze at her intensly. He did this for quite some time, several times throughout the visit. Not that we can blame him, but it was very Heathcliff-esque.
Eleanor and I have a season pass to Seven Peaks. She loves, loves, loves being in water, but the drippy weather has kept us a bit home bound. Boo. However, today we got some lovely sunshine, so on with the shades, and away we went! "Don't cha wish your baby was hot like mine?"
Don't cha.

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