Monday, October 22, 2007

Disney Cruise!!!

Our Disney Cruise! I wrote the following four posts out of order, so you can start here and read down. I know, I'm just really considerate. We took an Eastern Caribbean Cruise from October 13th through the 20th. It was heaven on earth. I highly recommend for anyone to save their pennies and go. We loved it all, and will bore you to tears with our stories if you are slow enough to bring up any key words to us. Like: Boat, Ocean, Island, Tan, Gecko, Pineapple, Ice Cream, Happiness etc... Example: Boss-"Clayton, do you have that report ready for the meeting?" C- "Hey, did we tell you about how the ship's captain would report on the weather in..." Ya. We are now cruise snobs. Me monsters. But really, it was Magical. This is the artwork above our bed. It's hard to avoid the Disney fever that makes you want to decorate your entire home in all Disney. However, our one-day nursery will be riddled with the stuff. More later!

Disney Cruise!!! Part 1

One of the huge portholes to enjoy. Ours in our room was only a bit smaller. See here below!
Told ya. This is half our stateroom. We loved our room. They show non stop Disney classic cartoon movies on one channel, new Disney cartoon movies on another and fairly new releases on five others. It was so refreshing to watch any channel and not worry about what you'd see.
Prom night (as Clayton kept calling it) at Animators Palette. The entire room goes from black and white sketches to filled with color. And if you know me, you know I love any excuse to get dressed up.
In front of the elevators. The design on everything on the boat kept with a classic Queen-Mary type of vibe.
Here we are docked next to another (inferior) cruise ship at St. Martin's. We rented a car to drive around the island in. It was something else! It was a tad old, filled with napkins and assorted small garbage, and the roof wouldn't stay on when we drove too fast or down a hill. We think it might have just been someones personal car. The rental place took only cash. Hmm. Also the locals drive like maniacs. But what a gorgeous island.

Disney Cruise!!! Part 2

On top deck in front of St. Martin. Lovely.
This is a shot of us after wii won the Wiimbldon championship on the boat. C took 1st and I took 2nd. Wii rule at video games. Wii also won the trivia challenge one night. Wii also look very tan in this picture, well, C does. Or red anyways. Yes, wii are peeling now. Sick of the wii references? Too bad.
C and our boat in St. Thomas.
"Hey!" "Hey, hey!" (I think I saw Nemo 70 billion times with my nephew Jack, and I loved each and every one) Territorial crabs in St. Thomas.
Us on Deck 4. Our favorite spot on the boat. Lounge chairs, shade (see redness above), uncrowded, a book and unlimited soft serve ice cream, fruit and sodas that we could bring down there to chill with. Heaven.

Disney Cruise!!! Part 3

Us on deck 4 at sunset. Ah bliss. There was even a rainbow, in case it wasn't perfect enough. But that's Disney for ya. They want your experience to be magical, even if it means rigging the weather on the horizon for better pictures. Wow.
I love the chance to play dress up on the cruise. This was semi-formal night, so like Homecoming? We got a free cake at dinner! A friend at our table had ordered a birthday cake for her husband and the cruise also gave them one for their Honeymoon the same evening. Only they got it wrong and accidentally gave it to us. This was making someone upset at our waiter. (Well, as mad as a Disney employee can get in public) Since my birthday was a day away from his and we sorta just had our First anniversary we acted like the cake was for us. If we hadn't I think our waiter would have been in trouble. Our table had triple dessert that night. Yay for Disney Magic! So very awesome.

Mickey! On Castaway Cay (pronounced 'key'). He kissed me (hee hee), take that Minnie. This is their version of Mt Rushmore. We loved Castaway Cay and wished we had spent more days there.
Me snorkeling. Notice how I have the entire Caribbean to myself? Ya, it's an amazing place. C and I started crunching numbers to see how much we would need to retire on our own island. I think we can make it happen. Maybe we should share with friends to cut the cost. Any takers?

Us and the boats. In paradise.

Disney Cruise!!! Part 4

That is not my new tattoo. It is one of the dozens of friendly geckos on the many islands. It's funny how well we tolerate crawly things based on their cuteness factor. Had I seen just as many spiders on the islands I might have asked to be helicoptered off the boat. But Geckos? Bring em on.
Clayton & I at the wheel

Deck 4, adorable Clayton
Clayton in front of our ship and the Flying Dutchman. Pirates, aaarrrgh!

Someone please tell me how to rotate pictures. I fix them on the computer, then I download them and end up with this. Grr. Anyhow. These are the awesome all-terrain wheelchairs on Castaway Cay. We are so using these on our island some day.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sad News

We lost our little baby at just three months along. We are doing ok physically and as well as can be expected emotionally. The Dr said we can try again soon, and as getting pregnant seems to be something my family does well, we have every reason to be hopeful. Thanks to everyone who has been so sweet and supportive. We have a Disney cruise just around the corner to look forward to, so my next post is sure to be full of annoying pictures of us in the lovely Caribbean sunshine. And hey, this is just a more valid reason to hate Nicole Richie right? (PS. I love babies, and I love pregnant woman, just not crack-addicted, anorexic, alcoholic pregnant women.)

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