Monday, January 21, 2008

Not much...

I can't find my camera cord that sends all the pictures to the computer. So this will just have to be boring old text. Christmas was wonderful on both sides of the family. We got to spend a spell in Logan and Deweyville with Clayton's family and then a day at my parents on the 26th.
We got some good news on Christmas day: we are expecting again. We are very cautious and careful with the news this time, as we can't feel comfortable until a month or so more. We are hoping and planning for the best.
In other news Clayton and I have been trading sick for a few weeks now. I think I win with a trip to the ER early Thursday morning for an ear infection. (Seriously, the most painful thing I have ever dealt with.) They gave me multiple prescriptions which are helping and one that was awful. Percocet? No thank you. Anyone want them? Just kidding. Anyhow, we are both on the mend and will be back to work soon. Too soon, but what are you going to do?
Our awesome friend Shane got married last week! We will post pics when the cord gets found. In the meantime we hope everyone is doing well and we will post more soon.

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