Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Don't Know How This Didn't Make the Blog Earlier

Blast from the past! I was transferring pictures from my laptop to the external hard-drive and stumbled upon this. It's so cute! Well, to us. I thought this might give our nephews, aged 2-17, a laugh anyways.
This is Eleanor at three months old.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just A Few Cute Days

So I found a bag of 1000 hair elastics at the dollar store that actually stay in Eleanor's feather-fine hair. Since then I have been a bit obsessed with "doing" her hair. So far she lets me fix it if she is busy watching something on tv or eating a treat in her chair.
Great parenting, I know.
Her special smile.
She knows when something is "cute" on her in the mirror, like a bow, sunglasses or pig-tails. And when she is "cute" she smiles at her reflection and gets all giggly. I was trying to capture it on film but it's a bit blurry.
Crawling around outside, she wanted the dirt off her hands. I did too.
At the outlet mall food court.
Her super cute friend Corban. One of the many sweet ward friends I want her to grow up and marry.
Last night I had her try on her Easter outfit. Another adorable hand-me-down from cousin Allie. Sadly it's a bit big, so it will make it's debut this fall. Instead she had to wear a different adorable dress from Allie. It's rough having such a wardrobe.
Ya, I knew the hat wasn't going to last.

Friday, March 26, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

This is a little late, but we didn't do much for Saint Patrick's Day. We wore a little green, tried to find bums to pinch etc, etc... but mainly we just enjoyed the insanely lovely weather. We had a beautiful week of sunshine, all the snow had melted and temperatures were well into the 60's, so we were outside as much as possible. It then snowed the following weekend (boo) and is finally starting to climb back up again this week. We spent the morning of the 17th playing with friends and the afternoon in the park. Not a bad way to spend the day. I hope we can spend a good part of the summer like this!

Here is Eleanor wearing her green MSU sweatshirt and her new pigtails. Oh, and of course her shades. She thinks it's really funny to put them on, and then wants to take them right off. Also funny. On our walk she finally wore them for more than two seconds when the sun was in her eyes. Everyone we passed had to wave at her. She made sure to wave back each time. Cutie.
She got a bonk right near her eye last week. It's healing quickly, but you can see it in this picture.
Yes Fonzie, you are the coolest.
Eleanor loves the bucket swings. She swang for over a half an hour. (Modern English now says it's swung, but I learned it as swang. Any opinions?) When I finally got her out, thinking she was bored, she got super, super mad. So I put her back in and we enjoyed another half hour.
We ran into two other families from our ward at the park. The Hills and the Hutchinsons. In Michigan, the second the sun comes out everyone races outside. It's been so nice after such a dull February. We were all sick for most of the month. Ugh.
Just swinging and swinging away.
Our ward also had a chili cook-off last Friday with our awesome neighbors, the Oversons, taking first place. There were over 20 chilies there! It was so good, and I ate way too much. We dressed Eleanor (and me, the dork) up like a cowgirl, but I didn't have our camera on me. A friend took some pictures, so I will post those later when I get the copies. Not much else to report right now. Clayton is very busy with school (and March Madness of course). Eleanor is trying to go from two naps to one and mom is trying to stop that. I have a feeling we all know who will win this round. Love to all!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Eleanor:1 - Al Gore:0

Where did we go wrong?
"I learned it by watching you, dad! I learned it by watching you!"

Eleanor love, love, loves to go through the recycling bin. She pulls out the cans and bottles one by one and spreads them around the kitchen. The bin is right at her level and everything inside is shiny, clanky and sometimes tasty. See above. That was her trying to finish off her dad's cream soda last week. I've mentioned before how it annoys me that these bottles look so much like beer, but in this case it makes a pretty funny picture.

Then today she learned a new trick.

I ask you, "How do you get your kids interested in saving the planet?"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Eleanor's First Birthday Pt. 3 The Party!

27 pictures! Can you handle it? Eleanor's party was such a blast. Fun friends, yummy food and a well behaved (mostly) birthday girl made for a perfect party. Here are all the shots!

Here the room is all set up for the party. I wish we could keep it decorated all the time.
Her pinata, presents and gift bags all ready to go.
Our sweet girl all rainbow'd up, talking to her grandma Kathy before her friends show up.
Not sure if you can tell, but I curled her hair. It was kind of hilarious looking. The headband helped, but at first it made her look like a dowdy school secretary or something. No offense to any hottie secretaries out there.
Her party hat and mini-cake, waiting to be attacked.
We went easy with the food. Except for the cakes, everything was bought ready-to-go.
Our "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" was a "Put the Gold in the Pot". The kids loved the game and did an impressive job! Madelyn was our big winner.
Her cute candle!
The big blowout.
We had to hold her hands as she really wanted to impress us by pinching out the flame. Show-off.
How fun is that cake?
The cupcakes were fun too!Kids scavenging for pinata goodness.
Eleanor opening one of her awesome presents. She loves her new toys & books!
More goodies. Isn't funny how we spoil them on the first birthday, the one that they will never remember? We should of gotten her a small fry at McDonald's and then given her a long bath. That is pretty much nirvana for her on any other day.
She got her first balloons. Eleanor freaking loves balloons. She always points them out at the grocery store but I've waited to buy her one until her birthday.
This cute one is from the Phillips. Thanks guys!
Digging in on her mini-cake. I guess a lot of kids just stare at their cake, not E.
No, she knew exactly what to do.
We scraped off the skittles first. Choking wasn't the first birthday memory we wanted.
Back to business.
Lauren watched her for a spell.
Woo hoo! Cake rules! (Doesn't it though?)
"Hey guys! Check out my cake!"
She already knows how to share. Awwww. Um, no thanks though.
How does it get in the hair so fast? Seriously? What a cutie.
Slowing down...
Alright, seems like cake time is over.
And time for a bath!!!
Thanks to everyone who made it such a perfect day! We love our Eleanor so much and are so blessed to have her in our life. It's so sweet to see how much others love her too!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eleanor's First Birthday Pt. 2 The Zoo

After a great morning nap and a new (stuffed) puppy, we took our birthday girl to the zoo. It was her very first time. In honor of her birthday the entrance to the zoo was free! Ok, it was just a coincidence, but score! Eleanor loves, loves, loves animals so we were excited to introduce her to so many up close.

Here is our sweet family! Not sure what's happening with my hair, but Eleanor's cuteness makes up for everything.
Our fun neighbors joined us! Next to E is her best friend Jasmine and behind her is Lauren. You've probably seen them here before.
Daddy and Eleanor.

Jasmine, EJay, Ann and Lauren
Eleanor showed us her ferocious lion face.
And another version.
Jasmine did it too. Lauren wasn't terribly interested.
Pretty peacocks wander all around.
Inside we got to see Lemurs and other stuff I only recognize from the movie Madagascar.
Cutie-pies Lauren and Eleanor. There is also a tiger in this shot, but the flash washed him out.
After a great time at the zoo we enjoyed a little park right next door.
Eleanor loves, loves, loves the swings!
She was thrilled every time Clayton pushed her higher. Not scared a bit.
I have a hard time editing the pictures down. You are all lucky (or not!) that I kept the swings down to just four. I only took about thirty. The girls in tandem!
After the park we went to Johnny Rockets for lunch where Eleanor got to have her favorite french fries. Then back home to prepare for the big party... which will be part three!

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