Friday, January 04, 2013

Firth Reunion 2012

 Firth Family Reunion! Clayton was too busy studying to make it this year so I heroically (kidding) took the kids up by myself. Well, all the accolades belong to Rex and Kathy for letting us cram in the back of their truck and letting Winston kick their seats the entire way. We were also missing Clint and Alison and their family this year. We couldn't make it last year as we stayed in Michigan and had a baby. Anyhow, I was excited to go as we look forward to it each year.
There were a few minor hitches, the power and water were turned off at first due to lots of fires in the surrounding canyons, but they got it turned on by the second day and all was well. Winston was in heaven with all the room to roam and I was in heaven not having to worry about streets or cars and having so many hands to help with him. We had a lot of fun.

Eleanor and the kids found an inchworm. Have you ever actually seen one up close? They really do inch along, just like Slimey from Sesame Street. So cute, kind of. Still a worm.
 And other worms she insisted were also inchworms. Uhhh..
 Winston reacting to something awesome.
 And Eleanor hugging her long lost friends. All the older girl cousins (technically Clayton's cousin's kids.) are so sweet to Eleanor, letting her harass them the entire time. This is Bailey and Kinsley, I think? All told, there is a Hattie, Bailey, Kinsley, Hailey Jo, Paige and a few others. I never get them right.
 Winston loving Wendi's dog.
 Lucas was bet by Lex to eat a beetle for $10 whole, I think they talked it down to $5 to take off the legs and head. It was still bigger than a Rolo and completely disgusting. He chewed it up like a champ. His first comment? "Hmm, spicy." Shudder shudder shudder.
 See that little dot to the right of the green and black tent? Yeah, that's Winston, just crawling around the lawn. He's so tiny!
 Attempting to get a family shot. HARD.
 There we go.
 Zannah and Hayden? (Why can't I get them all straight? If they blogged, I'd have an easier time. Hint hint.) Working on the Sharpie tie-dye project.
 For the talent show the gals all sang Jingle Bells. I'll give you one guess as to who chose the song. (Remember, this is the middle of the summer.)
 And then we had a hard time getting Eleanor and Zannah off the "stage". Here they are dancing back-up for Rachel's songs.
 P.S. Rachel playing is always a highlight for me. She plays all my favorite songs.
 Grandma Kathy and Rachel's little bundle, Audrey. Who has the prettiest blue eyes ever. She is just a month younger than Winston.
 Aunt Val holding my elf.
 Eleanor begged Uncle John for a horse ride. He said he would after lunch (which was an hour or so off) and she hounded him the entire time. Bless his heart, he took her and every kid there for a little ride.
 Including Win. I just wanted a photo, but he took him around too. Winston loved it.
 And after everyone was all done, he took Eleanor for a second ride. What a sweetheart! And hello, doesn't John look like such a total cowboy? P.S. It was freaking hot outside, so this was truly a service.
 E mugging for the camera.
 And a quick shot with Grandma Ethel Mae before we headed back home. I couldn't have done it without the help of Kathy, Rex, Monica and Val- so a big thanks to all of them! We love all the Firths!


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