Friday, January 04, 2013

Megan's Fairytale Wedding Pt. 1

 Part One: The Temple
Megan and Shane got married at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on August 8th 2012. The day was lovely and clear. A bit hot, but hey- it's August in Utah. The ceremony was lovely and Megan looked happier than I had ever seen her. Shane's a lucky guy. 

Here is Grandpa Tom attending to Winston, which is his full time job most days. Winston is obsessed with Grandpa Tom.
 Little flower girls playing on the hand rail while we all waited for the couple to come out.
 I got to make Eleanor, Allie and Rozzie's flower-girl dresses. Pictured here from left: Millie, Eleanor, Sophie and Allie. And behind them seated is Morgan, Shane's little sister.
And a few hugs squeezed in too.
 Cute people I like.
 Awww, Uncle Adam is always the best.
 And there they are! Funny story, Clayton was holding Eleanor about where I took this picture and while everyone is clapping and cheering, Eleanor is hollering at them as loud as she can: "Mayden! Mayden! I'm over here! MAYDEN! I'M OVER HERE!" Yes, she thought that Megan's first concern was, "Where is Eleanor?" Ah, to be 3 and not know the universe isn't spinning around you.
 Some people are prettier than others, folks. And these two are prettier than pretty much everyone.
 Eleanor finally getting "Mayden's" attention.
 Oh, and there is Hank. Eleanor's boyfriend for the day. He's Shane's adorable nephew and I am adding him to the list of suitors that may date her after his mission.
 I adore this picture. Megan leaning over to Shane, his sister holding his arm and Eleanor hugging his leg while all the girls look up at them. Couldn't pose it if you tried.
 Megan and all of her attendants. Her bridesmaids were all so pretty. Note the weak link in the picture, yeah- Winston. Eh.
 Tom used the light reflector as a giant fan during the group shots. What a team player.
 Abby holding Winston (who was in dire need of a nap) under the shade.
 Did you know the Mt. Timpanogos Temple was getting some major exterior work done this summer? Neither did any of them when they booked the wedding. Who knew it would have these glaring orange scaffolding all around the top and most of the sides? Oh well, I know it's not what matters, at all! But it's still an "aw shucks" type of deal. Luckily they did their bridals together as a couple in San Diego at Balboa park which is so lovely, so they had lots of gorgeous shots.
 Abby and Eleanor.
 And up close. Those two spent nearly every day together all summer long.
 One of the "mandatory" shots. But man, if they don't sell it!
 Winston "helping" baby Rozzie in the shade.
 Or you know, pretending to feed her, then yanking the bottle away over and over. Yeah, really funny buddy. Look at her poor little arm reaching out to him. Awww, sorry Rosaline.
Part Two: The Reception to come!


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