Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Allie's Birthday and the ZOO!

 For Allie's 6th birthday, we made her a doll that looks like her. Sort of. You can get basic doll forms at Hobby Lobby and I learned how to make doll wigs that you then sew onto the form. We painted on shoes and a swimsuit that look like ones she already owns and made her an outfit. I was going to make her a matching skirt, but like all my projects, 90% = done to me. She liked it. It got Eleanor wishing for Christmas for a doll that "looks just like me". (She got a knock-off American Girl doll that looks like her instead.)
 Every girl got a cute little Lego figurine set and they all went to Pizza Pie Cafe after. As my first time going there, all I can say is, "What have I been doing with my life?" So good for a crazy buffet place!
Later in September we went to Hogle Zoo. I hadn't been in years, and my kids had only been to the zoo in Michigan.
 Eleanor spent most of the time telling me about how "that one is the daddy, that one is the baby..."
 Posing on the cute bronze statues around the zoo. They are nice and warm.
Did I mention that Winston outgrows all his clothes, like, overnight? His pants were hilarious floods, when I swear they fit him fine the day before.
 Eleanor seeing her favorite thing in the whole zoo, the crocodiles. She's liked them since she was teeny tiny and loved Peter Pan. Remember? For months after this outing she would talk about the crocodile who lived in "his jar". (His glass enclosure, jar... close enough.)
Doing the crocodile jaws.
 Tigers, bronze and in real life. Hogle zoo really is impressive.
 Winston's frowny face. He doesn't do it as much now, but I think it was a communication thing for him. He couldn't say what was wrong so he'd just frown, now he can talk more, less frowns.
 Eleanor and random kids enjoying the polar bear, "Rocky". He would float back and then swim up really fast right up to the glass then push off and do it all over again. Probably 20 times in a row, it was really fun to watch.
 Eleanor and Rocky!
The zoo is one of my favorite places, we miss our Potter Park Zoo back in Lansing. Now that the weather is nicer again in Utah I think we will be saving our pennies to go again.


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