Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby St. Helens

Little Eleanor is a bit of a night owl. So I was terribly pleased last night when she was asleep before midnight. And even more pleased when she slept in quite late. I won't tell you just how late as it probably reflects poorly on me as a mom. She awoke only once and for a very short time to eat. I thought "Woo hoo!", but sadly everything has it's price. In the morning I changed a very, very wet diaper. I then fed a super-extra hungry Eleanor and halfway through I got to change a massive blow out. We are talking epic proportions here. Like she must have hired a special effects team to pull it off. After I got her outfit changed and cleaned up, she ate some more. That's when I went to burp her I got explosion number two. Only this time from her top end. She soaked my entire left side, most of her, the bed, the feather mattress topper, three of the four pillows on the bed and some of the floor. I didn't know which fire to put out first. I started peeling everything off everyone and everything. Before I got a chance to get our baths ready I see this. The worlds happiest and calmest little girl acting like nothing ever happened. Is there anything sweeter than a naked baby? Only an oblivious, naked baby.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Eleanor!

For the last of our "Expressions" series, I thought I would go with my favorite "mood". Little happy Eleanor. She is such a good baby, and after she is done eating (or something on the other end of the spectrum) she is a happy, smiling girl. During these times I sit there with my camera trying to capture some of the heart-meltingly cute faces she makes. I've caught some great ones, but I have also missed a thousand others. She is getting so big so fast! She is no longer the wrinkly little newborn we brought home from the hospital. She is now a chubby little baby who hates swaddling but loves being held. How do I make it slow down?! Anyhow- I hope you like the following pictures as much as we do.

Possibly my favorite picture ever.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Concerned Eleanor aka Suspicious Eleanor

This is by far the largest post. I guess she is just really onto our shenanigans. Or maybe it's all of the Sherlock Holmes that we watched while I was pregnant. Either way- our Eleanor is really suspicious and concerned about what she sees.

She may well have a good reason to be concerned here.

Furious Little Kitten

That's what her uncle Adam calls her when she cries. A lot of times her crying is just hilarious. She has such a cute wail that it is hard to be as sympathetic as she needs. Of course it gets less adorable as the hours march on, but all in all she is a good little girl. In response to our "Angelic" post, here are some shots of her all riled up. Or yawning- as it makes her look like a little lion.

Speaking of uncle Adam...

Don't those faces just make you want to kiss her? Along with laughing, kisses are her second least favorite response to her cries. Poor little bunny.

Angelic Eleanor

For the first of our "Expressions" posts I thought we would start with "Angelic". Eleanor is our little melted lump of sugar when she is sleeping. We haven't figured out how to get her to sleep without holding her yet- but we hardly see that as a problem. There is nothing better in the world than to have her downy little head nestled against your neck.

Expressive Eleanor

From day one Eleanor has kept us amused by her various expressions. It's especially funny as she changes her "mood" about thirty times in thirty seconds. Here is an example from when she was three days old. Clayton was holding her while we waited to be discharged. I took these in less than a minute.

This will be the first of several posts showing off her moods. Be warned, there are about fifty or so shots that I will be posting. You can never have too many pictures right? P.S. Right now Eleanor is showing me her angry face.

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