Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So People, I Apparently Need A Bit More Sleep

More sleep? Doesn't any mother or father of a new baby need more sleep? Sure, but I am going to blame my lack of blogging on it, rather than the real reason (Pinterest!).

Well over a month ago I made a huge list of future blogs to write with the accompanying picture information. I promptly lost this list, only to find it today snug in the notebook that I bought to keep me organized. Ha. So I plug in the pictures only to find that about half of them are nonsense. Horrible pictures of people blinking, blurry streaks that were supposed to be Eleanor and two where my chin looks far beyond "a double". There was no way that these were the ones I had meant to blog about. I must have been half asleep when I thought I was being all super organized. Which means, oh crap. I need to start from scratch, and I have no idea where to start.

So. Here are a few-day to-day shots to tie you over til I get my brain back.

Little man.
Eleanor and our sweet neighbor Grant. They have the best time giggling around the house together. They seem to find anything they do to be HI-LAR-IOUS.
I will admit though, the sound of them laughing their fool heads off will brighten your day.
Anther shot from when my parents were here. (Man! That was a freaking lifetime ago!) Eleanor loves to get "all tozy" in her blankets.
Clayton took Eleanor to the children's museum in Grand Rapids a few weeks back. Eleanor love, love, loved the bubbles. Of course.
We have a few awesome dirt piles in our front area. I think the landlord was going to replant a bunch of flowers, then decided against it, leaving three large piles of fresh dirt in our raised planter area. They kids adore it, and E is always right there in it. I don't mind until they start throwing or dumping it on each other. It never washes all the way out! Here is our little Miss Mudpie in the bath. You can't really tell how dirty she is, but trust me that there wasn't one inch of skin that wasn't coated. I had to wash out the bath tub three times.
Thanks to Dora, Eleanor has a love of back packs. Here she is wearing one.
Which is actually a tiny little baby-doll purse. How she gets them on is beyond me.
Here is an old shot, this is little Leah with Eleanor. Leah moved to Washington well over a month and we miss her family a ton! Eleanor talks about her and her older brother at the most random times. It's cute that she remembers her friends. Little kiss.
"Aaaaaahhh, we touch our noses! We so silly, mommy."Ok, so the kids are cute, but I'll admit, this was a pretty boring post. I need to upload a ton of more pictures and videos. And I need to get a bunch from Jenni. Her visit has come and gone and we are missing her like crazy. I took all of one picture while she was here.
But hey, she is the professional.

Here are a few videos to make this post a bit more fun.

"Tiny Turtle" and a bit of Winston

Hula Fever with Grant

And a thank you to Grandma Judy.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Winston Is Still Adorable, Thanks For Checking!

Also cute.
This looks so much like Clayton when he was a kid, well at least to me. Exact same expression I've seen in his baby pictures.
Happy cute.
And downright freaking edible.
People often ask how the transition to two kids has been, and if he's a good baby. I have to say, we thought E was a good baby, and she was, but Win is an exceptionally good baby. We got so lucky with his temperament. Now, don't get me wrong, most nights he still gets us up every three hours, but he really only cries for the basic needs or tummy pains. He loves to coo and gurgle at us and smiles all of the time. At his 2 month check up he was in the 90th percentile of weight and height. He's not as roly-poly as Eleanor was, but he weighs over 13 pounds and his little thighs are starting to get some tiny rolls. If you had seen his newborn legs, you would know what a feat that is. He takes a binky (E didn't, to our dismay.) and the occasional bottle and loves his swing. All of this adds up to fairly trouble free days for us. As to having two kids now? We're kinda getting the hang of it. I think. We are much more laid back this time, we know what things to freak out about and which ones to laugh at. We still aren't much for a solid schedule yet, we are all night owls, but right now that works in our favor. So if you notice I'm on facebook or Pinterest at 2:30 AM, don't worry. Win and I will still be in bed at 10 or so the next morning. When church time changes to 9AM in January we are going to be in for a world of hurt.

Eleanor's Eye

Poor Eleanor. About two weeks ago (I know, I know. I promised a post a day or something. You all know I'm full of lies, moving on.) she was riding her little trike and suddenly stopped and said "OW!" I looked over and she hadn't fallen or anything but she was holding her eye. I checked but didn't see any marks. Lately she has been prone to a bit of make-believe, so I dismissed it until later that night. That's when I noticed a little mark right under her eyebrow, but it wasn't anything remarkable. However, the next morning Clayton got her up to find this. Egads!
Poor little puffy face. She could barely see out of it. We had Winston's two month immunization appointment that same day so I called in to see if we could fit her in as well. They could, so we ALL got to go to the doctors office. Good times.
They deemed it a bug bite and just told us to watch it. As the day went on it got better and better. I'm still not sure if it was a mosquito or an ant- we have lots of weird ants all over our sidewalks and driveways out front. That night we did a dose of Benadryl and the next day it wasn't even half as bad.
And in another day or two it was completely gone, as seen here. I just wanted to add these for fun as she looked so cute this day.
I love her when she's all dressed up, especially since she wants to wear her Dora pajamas (I caved) or "mermaid" dress (a 6-12 month "Ariel" costume that just covers her bum) nearly every day.

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