Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guess what?

Guess what Eleanor knows. She knows the names of Woody, Buzz, Jessie, BullsEye, Lotso, Big Baby etc etc... She calls Woody-Buddy. It's kind of funny. What is not funny is how many times a day she wants to watch them. I shouldn't say how many times, but how much of her waking hours she wants to spend watching Toy Story 2 or 3. I'd say about 97%. And lately I've been letting her. I've also been letting her eat fruit snacks on end, all the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms, pretzels by the handful and sippy after sippy of juice not mixed with water.

Parent of the year folks.

Why am I doing such a bang up job? Well, she and Clayton have colds, so if she eats anything lately, it's a win. Oh, and I'm pregnant. So my ability to perform most of my tasks is hampered by a longing to spend time with my face pressed against the cold (sanitized) side of the toilet. Thought you might like to know.

Things that I no longer want to do:
Eat, but wait, I'm starving. Oh, bad idea.
Yard work
Blogging (you are welcome)
Calling duties (sorry Primary children)
Waking before noon
Grocery shopping (it's a nightmare)
Making breakfast, lunch or dinner (poor Clayton)
showering (I know, this is getting awesome)

Basically, you name it and I have nothing but lethargy for it. I've been pretty good in not letting my house go, but I need to be better. Yesterday I got to hear the heart beat, and I am past 10 weeks so I am hoping there is no miscarrying this time. As sick as I have been, I think it should be ok. We are due on June 11th. We will be finding out the gender at the end of December, early January if I can get a hold of that lady that does gender ultrasounds for cash in Provo. (Sweetest deal ever. $36!)

Are you all excited for Marianne's pregnancy complaints part two? Yaaaay! I know! My complaining is super fun to read about, as you might remember with Eleanor. Start making your baby name lists, people!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Halloween Wrap Up

So half of my pictures will not download to the computer. I know how to fix it, but am too tired this week to care. I will just post a few from what did show up. We had a very fun Halloween week. I was in charge of the activity for our playgroup. Playgroup activities can be tricky as most the kids are 3 and under. Arts and crafts just aren't their thing, yet. I made candied popcorn balls to look like pumpkins and cut out face parts for them to just stick on the bags. Then I did the old standby (cop-out) classic of a Kleenex tied over a lollipop to make a ghost. Hey, they liked it. Eleanor's "real" costume wasn't ready yet so I made her a quick witch with a hat I had bought at Target for a dollar.
The leg warmers were also in the Target Dollar section. Love that store.
Here she is with our cute Turtle neighbor Zach. Oh, ya- I curled Eleanor's hair for some reason. There is something weird about curling her hair. Normally a girl looks a bit cuter with her hair curled up, but Eleanor doesn't look cuter, just different. Now, you all know how obsessed I am with her little face, but I couldn't help but call her Kristy McNichol all day. No one else got it. You are all too young.
Do you freaking remember how good those candy popcorn balls are? When I convert people to Dots in their popcorn, this is the flavor that it conjures up. This is why I eat popcorn with Dots.
Eleanor with her cutie-patooie friend Kinsley. I can get her to go anywhere if I promise Kinsley will be there.
And Halloween Night! Some great people in our ward hosted a trunk or treat in their cul-de-sac. They had cider, hot chocolate, treats etc... They had an awesome turn out. I sat on my spooky trunk while Clayton took E around to all the cars. She got a good haul! As for costumes, Clayton was Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Eleanor was an MSU Spartan Cheerleader (I could get her to say "Go state!" and "Go green, go white!") and I was a lame-o Spartan Fan in a sweatshirt. But at least I brought my own cheerleader, right?
Yaaaaay for being outdoors at night with a bajillion kids! See her adorable matching teddy-bear? Found it at the thrift store for a dollar. I think "a dollar" is the real theme of this blog. Pom-poms? That's right, 1 buck. I found her green top at a Mom to Mom sale and the white turtleneck at another thrift store. (Don't worry, I wash this stuff.) I made her skirt and sewed the "S" onto the neck of the shirt to cover a snowflake. I was happy with the results, but in pictures the greens don't match. They look closer in person.
See how cute her hair is in pigtails? Sooo much better than the curls? Sorry, done obsessing.
My mom sent her a sweet BYU cheer costume, but I convinced her to send a size too big, and it didn't fit. So that will have to be for dress up. I will post more pictures if I can ever get them to load properly. Still lots to catch up on, but too busy to do it now. I am only blogging now so I can avoid other things on my list. Clayton's sweet parents are coming this week! Michigan is the coolest guys, I don't know how else to convince you. All the cool kids are visiting, do you want to be uncool? Sorry, I am super tired. Night all.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I Win. Oh, you want to know why you lost?

Because, did THIS happen to you on YOUR birthday?

I didn't think so.

Although, to bring a little humility in,
when I asked her whose birthday it was, she answered:"A doggy?".

On the bright side, I got a honkin-mother of a Sam's Club cake.
I turned thirty something. Officially fudging any
numbers from here on out.

P.S. I am so behind on blogging. You wont even get Halloween for a few more days. Boooo.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oh, Hello Perfection.

So yes, this first picture is perfection to me. I could wallpaper my house with this photo and die happy. Do you ever get a shot like that? One that you love above all the others? Then again, I get about one a week with Eleanor. Must be a mom thing. So- this was taken at the end of our day at the Uncle John's Cider Mill a week ago. It was raining so we only stopped to get cider and donuts with the J. Reuben Clark society. Normally there are a lot of fun kid things to do, so, sorry Eleanor. Next year.
Here we are inside overlooking the cider press. It's fun to see the apples getting squished. And the smells reminded me of life back in Manson Washington, where I grew up. Apple sheds and orchards were part of every one's life there. ("Sheds" are actually huge processing buildings.)
Eleanor loved looking through the slats at the action.
Outside we bundled her back up for the cold. Do you love her boots as much as I do? You do? Good. I have the exact same ones! Remember?

And our little trouper getting back in the car. More fall and Halloween to come!

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