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Winston's First Haircut

 Sweet little Winston! When he turned one we both decided that his sweet blond hair needed a trim. Here is a shot of him with Grandma Marguerite so you can see how it looked. It's so blond that it's hard to see, but it was getting pretty mullety in the back and not very filled in on top.
 So I started to cut his sweet baby locks and Clayton took over after a few minutes. He buzzes his own head all of the time and is way more experienced with the clippers.
 He was pretty good for as wiggly as he is.

 And here is an accidental shot that gives a good after. Hello, Eleanor. But look at his cute little head! He looks so much better! And so much like a little kid now, instead of my baby. Waa. Of course, as I type this 7 months later, I realize that he's had one haircut. One. And I suppose it is high time to do it again. Winston? Maybe it's time for Eleanor's first official haircut? (I've cut her bangs before.) Nope. No no no no no no.

Potty Training!

So long ago Eleanor was an itty bitty baby of barely 2 years old when she started showing a serious interest in using the toilet. I was pregnant with Winston and got tired of taking her to the bathroom only to have to awkwardly balance her on the toilet in my ever enlarging state. She would ask several times a day and not once did she get what was supposed to happen in there. I bought her the little practice potty, but as you can see from the next two pictures, she didn't quite get that either.
 And then wise mothers told me not to bother right before we had the baby, then people said not to do it during the summer (swimsuits and outdoor play aren't conducive to staying dry) and then people said not to do it before a big trip etc... etc... And honestly, I was getting the hang of two kids and wasn't too concerned. So we bided our time and pretty much let Eleanor potty train herself. Which she did. Then, early this summer (2012) she started using her little potty, so we made a sticker chart and set a prize and voila! Within a week she was dry all day and even all night. 

So she earned this. Well, a different one almost like it that comes with a better horse. I couldn't find the picture. 
However, she didn't quite understand act two, so to speak. She was staying completely dry, but having the ick accident once a day. Well, we made another sticker chart, got another prize (I wanted to buy it anyways) and within the week she earned that too.
 And she was so so happy! Look! It's Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in the boat with little plastic lanterns! How do you not want this toy? It's only the best part of the movie/year!
 I'm telling you, folks. I could write a book on potty training. Titled- "Just Wait A Freaking Long Time And They Will Do It Themselves". Ok, so maybe that's the whole book. Of course, now I'm enjoying the good life of a potty trained child and now want the baby done too. Oh well. I can wait two more years. Ha ha.

Megan's Fairytale Wedding Pt. 2

 Megan and Shane's Fairytale Wedding Part Two: The Reception!

Here are Allie and Eleanor at Allie's house right before we left for the reception at Wadley Farms, which if you can- you should have your reception there. It's unbelievably gorgeous.
 Megan and Jenni (and Shane?) had such great ideas for how the reception should look, the food, the cake, the flowers etc... It all turned out so beautifully! And boy do we know weddings now, give us a call! Here are Hank, Eleanor and Rhett playing Bocce on the lawn. So charming!
 I mentioned those boys are cute. The little boy attendants are Shane's nephews Hank and Rhett (Jordan & Sarah) Abe, Shane's other nephew (Chase & Jessica) Jed (Megan's little cousin) and Winston.
 Holy crap, I love this picture. There wasn't an ugly corner to be had there. Everywhere is photo magic. It's kind of like a condensed versions of the gardens at Thanksgiving Point.
 Our little family all dressed up!
 The ladies. So so pretty.
 All the kids!
 And Shane and the little boys. I love how baby Abe is looking up at Shane as he sportingly eats grass fed to him by Jed and Win.
 Winston pointing out the Bocce and Croquet balls all over the lawn. Winston lives for anything to do with balls.
 Tom, Jenni, Shagan, Allie and a special guest appearance by Elder Tommy Howell! They pasted his head to a Mitt Romney cutout. It looks surprisingly real in this shot. Too funny. I also saw some girls taking their picture with his cutout later in the evening. Go Tommy!
 The cake! I originally planned to make the cake, but bowed out after I made one for someone else and it didn't quite turn out like I wanted. I didn't want to ruin Megan's, or be stressed about it the week of the wedding so Jenni hired a gal. She did a wonderful job, but it began to tilt at the reception and so there was some last minute patching and rigging. I did make the cake topper though!
 I had so much fun making these for Shagan! I've made quite a few clothespin dolls before, so I just amped these up a bit for the occasion. I made the dress, bouquet, suit etc... to match as closely as possible. I also repainted her hair quite a few times to make it the right mix of highlights. They turned out pretty cute.
 Happy couple!
 Here are some of the Howell folk at the reception. Abby and Jennifer are seated and standing from left are Josh, Hannah, Kirsten, Rosaline and Cassie.
 My great aunt Kathleen (Megan's great, great aunt and Rosaline's great, great, great aunt!) holding my cousin Stefanie's daughter Sophia.
 Sophie giving an exuberant Eleanor a squeeze.
 Allie with her best neighbor friends Kate and Claire.
 Shagan cutting the cake! Yeah, I don't know how to take night time pictures on my camera. Oh well, that's why you pay someone else to take the real ones.
 Throwing the bouquet!
Megan's cousins Abby and Anna manning the cookie decorating table. This is a bit post clean up, before there were the most adorable containers of candy and sprinkles I wish I had taken more pictures of all of the magical touches. Cute Scrabble pieces in bowls for guests to try and spell out Megan's new last name: Van Oostendorp, Amazing food, and assorted cakes to try throughout the night, a sign in book of all of their bridal shots they took in San Diego, games, flowers, candy stick favors in hand stamped little bags... oh man. There were a billion adorable details that added up to one perfect night. All night I kept thinking: "Man, I am so glad I got married 6 years ago, or I would be dying inside!" It was all so perfect.
 The proud parents: Tom & Jenni Howell and Dana & Allen Van Oostendorp.
 The getaway car! Off to a honeymoon in St. Thomas.

Megan's Fairytale Wedding Pt. 1

 Part One: The Temple
Megan and Shane got married at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on August 8th 2012. The day was lovely and clear. A bit hot, but hey- it's August in Utah. The ceremony was lovely and Megan looked happier than I had ever seen her. Shane's a lucky guy. 

Here is Grandpa Tom attending to Winston, which is his full time job most days. Winston is obsessed with Grandpa Tom.
 Little flower girls playing on the hand rail while we all waited for the couple to come out.
 I got to make Eleanor, Allie and Rozzie's flower-girl dresses. Pictured here from left: Millie, Eleanor, Sophie and Allie. And behind them seated is Morgan, Shane's little sister.
And a few hugs squeezed in too.
 Cute people I like.
 Awww, Uncle Adam is always the best.
 And there they are! Funny story, Clayton was holding Eleanor about where I took this picture and while everyone is clapping and cheering, Eleanor is hollering at them as loud as she can: "Mayden! Mayden! I'm over here! MAYDEN! I'M OVER HERE!" Yes, she thought that Megan's first concern was, "Where is Eleanor?" Ah, to be 3 and not know the universe isn't spinning around you.
 Some people are prettier than others, folks. And these two are prettier than pretty much everyone.
 Eleanor finally getting "Mayden's" attention.
 Oh, and there is Hank. Eleanor's boyfriend for the day. He's Shane's adorable nephew and I am adding him to the list of suitors that may date her after his mission.
 I adore this picture. Megan leaning over to Shane, his sister holding his arm and Eleanor hugging his leg while all the girls look up at them. Couldn't pose it if you tried.
 Megan and all of her attendants. Her bridesmaids were all so pretty. Note the weak link in the picture, yeah- Winston. Eh.
 Tom used the light reflector as a giant fan during the group shots. What a team player.
 Abby holding Winston (who was in dire need of a nap) under the shade.
 Did you know the Mt. Timpanogos Temple was getting some major exterior work done this summer? Neither did any of them when they booked the wedding. Who knew it would have these glaring orange scaffolding all around the top and most of the sides? Oh well, I know it's not what matters, at all! But it's still an "aw shucks" type of deal. Luckily they did their bridals together as a couple in San Diego at Balboa park which is so lovely, so they had lots of gorgeous shots.
 Abby and Eleanor.
 And up close. Those two spent nearly every day together all summer long.
 One of the "mandatory" shots. But man, if they don't sell it!
 Winston "helping" baby Rozzie in the shade.
 Or you know, pretending to feed her, then yanking the bottle away over and over. Yeah, really funny buddy. Look at her poor little arm reaching out to him. Awww, sorry Rosaline.
Part Two: The Reception to come!

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