Sunday, July 25, 2010

4th of July 2010

This 4th, or well, 3rd, we had a get together with friends and neighbors who didn't have family around. It was a great BBQ/pot-luck and man was the food good. I didn't even eat a hamburger or hot dog so I could have more sides, specifically the jello and fruit salad. Who brought that, by the way? I must have had four helpings. Anyhow, here are a few shots from the day. If I put up a picture of your kid that you would rather not have on the web, let me know and I will take it right down.

Hey mom, this is a great party!
Oh no, is she wearing the same dress? Mom!

And she's cute too! Mother!
What? It makes us twice as cute? Alright.Not wanting to be outdone, Ruth and I dressed alike too. Guess which one just had a baby? Hint, it's not the blond in the gingham tent. Go Ruth!
Freakishly adorable blondies playing together.
Me trying to make the neighbor babies love me. (And no, I didn't change E because of the fashion scandal. She swam in the first dress so we put on a dry one.)
Our family! Behind us you can see the tie-dye shirts that everyone did. Lexie is awesome with the crafts. E's shirt is the one right over my right shoulder.
Eleanor's first sparkler!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wasn't Your Utah Trip Like Over A Month Ago?

So yeah, we've been back forever now, and I still haven't finished blogging our trip. And I am only doing so now for journaling purposes. I like things to feel complete. So here is the last of our trip. Lots of pictures with no real rhyme or reason to them. But hooray for me for getting it done!

The plane ride out was AWESOME! Eleanor decided to forgo her nap in exchange for a 4 hour game of "Hey, what's over there? Who's that? Let me down! Hey you, hey you! Why aren't you awake? Why aren't yo looking at me?" It was awesome, did I mention that? Ya, on the plane ride back we may have become friends with Benadryl.
Judge away internets.
Eleanor was delighted with grandpa and grandma Firth's new addition of chickens. The chickens are all named after old girlfriends of grandpa Firth. Sassy!We got the chance to see old friends, like sweet Emma. After Eleanor got over how fun her stroller was, they were totally happy to see each other.We also got to see our friend Matt and his family. Here are his daughters Ashley and Gracie with us at Cafe Rio. Oh, and we got to visit our friend Cafe Rio, we may have seen him more than our other friends.
It's hard eating ice by yourself.
We got to go lots of places with grandma Howell.And spend lots of time with grandpa Howell.We got to see aunt Cassie, visiting from Idaho.And Eleanor practiced the piano with dad.
She's a total prodigy, I can just feel it.
Eleanor took some fun walks with Jack and Abby.
Abby, who is now Lehi Middle School's newest cheerleader! Go Abby!As you saw in an earlier post, we enjoyed the annual Firth reunion up in Arbon Valley Idaho.Where Eleanor made stuff with clay.Rachel got to change her first diaper in something like 17 years. We went easy on her, no #2. The little kids stayed out of the way while...
...the big kids had a shooting competition, complete with 8 awesome shooting stations! Jeff outdid himself this year, and that is saying something.
It was so fun!
Bailey and I were on a team and we were, you guessed it, awesome!
Clayton was just horrible at it. Ok, kidding. I just wish I could beat him at something.
He and Kadin were terrific.
Later that night we had a really fun auction, with Clayton as the auctioneer. If you need a fun idea for a reunion or ward function, call me and I will tell you how it works. No money involved!He made sure to keep the bids going higher and higher. I kept chickening out on stuff, or wussing out as I didn't want to out-bid one of the little kids. Autumn lost her first tooth during the festivities.And the guys stood around and gossiped. Ok, talked, sheesh, whatev.
Back in Provo, Eleanor got to play dress up.Complete with grandma's "Sally-Jesse" glasses.
We went out to dinner with my brother Tom's family for his birthday.
Here are E and Tommy (junior) out front.Inside she had to show how cool she looks in shades. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.
Later Tom got to open presents. One of which was a clue leading him on a scavenger hunt. It's a tradition for them...
...which tends to put Tom in some awkward positions.Eleanor got to be one of the clues.The trip was so great, we easily could have stayed for a month and needed more time, alas, two weeks it was. We ate at all of our favorite food spots: JCW's, Cafe Rio, Smart Cookie, Costa Vida and best of all Chungas. It's a Taco place at about 650 North Freedom Blvd. It's in the same strip as Shirley's Bakery, which was also on our go-to list. If you want an awesome taco, possibly the best we've had, get the Taco Al Pastor at Chunga's. You will thank us.

We Miss everyone a bunch and hope to see them all again at Christmas time. Anyone and everyone are invited to visit us in Michigan! I'm looking at you, Allie.

I Can't Help Myself

Today my neighbor Lexie gave me a cd with the pictures she took of Eleanor for her 1 year photo shoot. (Which was actually closer to 14 months, but hey.) They are all so beautiful, Lexie does wonderful work. I love them, love them, love them! Here are some favorites of the favorites, it's nearly impossible to choose.

I don't know if you can tell, but she has on the most adorable little corduroy shoes that I got at a yard sale for 50¢! They match the dress perfectly, but were nearly too small, so I am glad I got them in print. Yes, that kind of crap matters to me.
The dress is yet another beautiful hand-me-down from her cousin Allie. We are sooo blessed.

While we are looking at photos of E here, what should I do with her bangs? Keep cutting them or let them grow out? They are at that difficult stage where they start in the middle of her head. Any thoughts? A lot of you have perfectly coiffed little girls, what did you do?

See, we started with a headband, but it didn't last long.
I love this one because of her perfect eyebrows. Which she can now say, by the way, "eye-boh". She says it as she slowly gouges your eye with her little pudgy fingers as they scrape their way up your eyelid until she is pushing your eyebrows with all her strength. It's adorable and painful. Thanks again Lexie! You are the best!

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