Friday, January 04, 2013

July 2012

  We had a chance to hang out with Clayton's brother Tyler and his wife Rachel and their sweet little Audrey. They reside in San Diego so we love when they get to come play!
  We tried and tried for a shot of the two cousins together without much luck. Uncle Adam stepped in to help out.
 Eh, close enough.
 Tyler and Clayton with the kiddos.
 Winston DID NOT LIKE Grandpa Tom holding someone else.
 Allie and Eleanor enjoying Otter Pops.
 On the actual 4th of July we had a visit from Allison, Ayla and Roman. Eleanor and Ayla enjoyed their time in the sprinklers and posed with our flag.
 Winston did too.
 Ayla, Grandma Judy and Eleanor.
 Later we went to Tom & Jenni's house to play. Megan and Shane (Shagan) were making shirts out of tape and spray paint. Look how cute they turned out!
 While inside, the big kids, er, adults constructed a giant erector-set roller coaster that Jenni found brand new at DI for $5! It had a little purple car that ran the track crazy fast. You can actually see it in this picture- it's the vague purple blur at the top of the track right between Tom and Shane.
 Watching fireworks outside, Eleanor giving Clayton some love.
 The adorable couple! Just weeks from their big day!
 And about a week later I got the chance to see some best friends I barely get to see anymore. 3 out of 4 of my bridesmaids! Betsy lives down in Arizona and Linda up in Idaho and Julie and I are just too dang busy! It's never long enough when we get to hang out.


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