Friday, April 11, 2008


Hello all.
Clayton and I returned this week from Paris. Clayton went with our good friend Collin on April 1st and I joined them a few days later. We had a great time. Too many pictures to choose from, so rather than blog it all out, I am just going to post this link to our web album.

PS. I recently cut bangs- so now I look a little like Hannah Montana if I'm not careful. (Looking like HM is not something I want.) Also, I swore that I would never jump on the leggings trend as I feel I am too old to pull it off. However, I caved and ended up buying a pair to wear with a dress that was a twee-bit too short. Arriving in Paris, it turned out to be much more cold than the forecasters had predicted and I ended up wearing them everyday for warmth. So forgive me for dressing like I am 17 again. I promise- I know my age and plan to behave accordingly soon.

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