Friday, January 04, 2013

Mini Greencrest Reunion

 Sometime this summer we had a quick mini-reunion with a few of our Greencrest Crew, well, actually everyone from our first year except the Phillips, who had the nerve to move to Wisconsin. Pfffttt. We were going to have a barbecue but the Johnsons had to leave earlier than expected so we all made it a morning dash to IHOP. 

I got to reunite with my boyfriend Grant.  
 Ann got to meet Winston for the first time!
 Eleanor with our Oversons.
 Timmy with Grant, Eleanor, Jasmine, Zach and Winston.
 And there's Angela and Bennett!
 Sweet girls! Oh how I miss them all! Jazzy, Lauren, Eliza, Maddie and E.
 Maddie is worth her weight in gold. And she's as beautiful as a supermodel, not sure if there is a more photogenic kid out there. Eleanor delights to be doted on by her.
 Looking at this picture I just think- Oh, our poor waiter.
 Eleanor, Eliza and Benny.
 This picture set is hilarious. Eliza is a "little mother" and loves to hold babies. Benny loves babies slightly more than Eliza, but alas, Winston does not like being held like a baby! Just look at the struggle!
 And here- where poor Benny is so sad he can't hold him that he has to just weep to his chest.
 Yay! He got his turn. Sort of. Does sitting in front of someone count? I guess it does to Benny. Also- cutie-pie Spencer is finally in a shot.
 And the whole gang! From left: Angela, Bennett, Timmy,Grant & Zach Johnson. Me holding Win with Eleanor doing something on the ground, Eliza (clutching flagpole, Spencer, Benny (behind S) Ruth, Madie (seated) and Ryan Seedall. Lauren, EJay, Jasmine and Ann Overson. Love them all!
 Clayton couldn't come to the morning thing (man, how many sad times will I have to write that on this blog?) but the Oversons could stick around so we went out to Sushi dinner with them later. Here are Lauren and Jasmine being so good at the restaurant. Thank heavens for phones.
 Eleanor checking out Clayton.
And outside of Happy Sumo at Riverwoods in the fountain area. What started as darting between the sprays soon turned into...
 Completely soaked little ladies. I believe Eleanor is to blame.


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