Thursday, January 03, 2013

Allie's Special House

Tom and Jenni have a sweet timeshare in Park City that they normally trade for something even sweeter in Hawaii and stuff, but with cute Megan getting married this summer they held onto the Park City week to stay closer to home. I took the kids up to enjoy their awesome hotel and pool for two days and we had a blast. Eleanor doesn't quite understand the idea of hotels just yet and so she kept referring to it as Allie's special house. Special, indeed it was. The kids and I got our free money's worth with quite a few outings to the pool, as seen here.
Allie and Winston!
He loved it!
Megan and her then fiance, Shane (or Shagan, as we call them) with Winston by the hot tub.
 Of course, we remember how much he loves Megan.
 And with Eleanor.
Allie would hold Eleanor and drag her around the pool/hot tub forever. Eleanor loooooved it.
Tom helped Allie do her best high-flying stunts. Look at those splits!
And let Eleanor try as well!
 Woo hoo! Look at that air!
The girls relaxing up in the room in their "matching" outfits. E always feels so special to match Allie.
Happy girl, down by the pool.
Tom, lugging Winston down the very long hallway. Later in the summer we stayed in a hotel and Eleanor thought it was once again Allie's special house.
Winston in his little safety-suit. Mainly for insurance while he crawled at mach-speed around the pool areas over and over. Man he can crawl fast.
And for extra snuggling with mom.
Cute E, all wrapped up to return to the room, didn't realize the whole point of the towel. She's always been our little fish and hates to leave the water.


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