Friday, July 26, 2013

BYU Easter Egg Hunt 2013

A few days before Easter, BYU held a free egg hunt. Tom got us tickets and we made our way over as a family. They had giant bouncy slides, crafts, giant animals (mascots) and three separate egg hunts for three age groups. It was quite an event!
E loved the giant bouncy slides. There is a huge obstacle course portion behind this part. As I dropped her off at the start she would tell whichever kid was next to her that they were racing and just go for it. Whether they lapped her or she beat them by a mile, she would turn to whatever kid was next to her at the end and claim, "I won!"
Always ready to pose.
My boys.
Tom and Allie!
Allie's cousins Anna and Ellie came too.
The egg hunt ended up being a disaster. Some kid jumped the gun about 15 minutes early and everyone just mobbed the hunt. If you were even two minutes behind, too bad. Allie got some and E got a few, but tons of kids got diddly squat. Winston walked around collecting broken eggs. Eh, he doesn't know what he is missing. The 3 and under hunt was still preserved so we tried for him to do that one, but he got antsy waiting for the gun to sound, so I gave up our spot at the front to let him play at the back. When the gun sounded, we walked behind the giant throng onto the field and we may as well have been following a vacuum cleaner. The grass was spotless! Some poor man next to me was in a wheel chair with his one year old on his lap. There was no way on earth he could have gotten a single jelly bean. We just shrugged our shoulders and headed back to the car.
 Look at what adorable cousin shared her eggs. She ended up sharing her eggs with several other kids on her way out. What a doll!
 Which made E happy.
Our attempt at a family shot. Ugh. E's not looking and Win was done and done.
We went down one more slide on our way out.
And I took Win down one. I think he liked it.


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