Friday, July 26, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter was lovely this year. We all went to Tom and Jenni's house for dinner after church and an egg hunt. I was determined to have a fun one for the kids since the BYU one turned out to be a bit of a wash. Winston was adorable in his new bow-tie I made him. He kept it on all day!
Eleanor wasn't as competitive as I thought she'd be. She was more than happy to pose for pictures while she collected neat rocks and pretty leaves.
Winston was a typical one year old. Find a candy, call it a day. He had no motivation to collect more than two eggs at a time.
Rosaline's first egg hunt! So stinking cute! She had just turned one the month before.
Hello, pixie!
Mouth full, hunt over.
Cute Allie actually found some of the harder ones.
Even with Abby's help, Winston wasn't much for searching.
Sweet air!
I hid three "golden" eggs for the adults to find that had corresponding "big-kid" treats. Well, just whole bags of candy. It was hilarious how excitedly everyone looked for these. So much fun. I will so be doing this every year. So our three winners were Megan, Shane and Clayton. Actually, that should be Megan, Megan and Clayton, as Megan found two of the three. Go Mims!
 The guys were playing bocce, and Winston was trying his best to keep up with them. He is the tiny blue and beige dot in between Clayton and Shane.
 Megan and Shane recently got baby chickens, so they ran home and brought them back for everyone to see. The kids were over the moon excited about that.
How sweet is her face?!
She renamed them, and then proceeded to talk about them all month long.
Allie and Jasmine, or whatever they were named.
He heee! Holding it on her own!
This made my Easter, not sure about you.
And a small clip of Winston, nearly squashing the baby chicks and Jenni making the save of the year!


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