Monday, July 29, 2013

BYU Dinosaur Museum

Eleanor is your typical little girl. She loves princesses, Barbies, dolls, decorating (She takes her hair bows and puts them all over the house and says she's decorating.) dressing up in her fanciest clothes etc...etc... So I was always surprised that when we went to the library she inexplicably asked for only dinosaur books. I found some dinosaur shows too and now she has a healthy love of all things prehistoric as well as "mall". Finally, the lazy mother inside me got guilted into taking her down to the dinosaur museum at BYU. I mean, it's free. What exactly was my excuse? And it's delightful! I had never been myself, so it was a fun little trip. We left Win napping at home with Clayton so we need to go back with him sometime soon. Well, as soon as I can manage him not climbing the exhibits. 

Here is E showing how big that dinosaur thigh bone is. At least I think it's a thigh bone, she wasn't terribly interested in the placards that explained everything.
"Ha ha mom! He's still smiling!" (Her actual words.)
 Cute and so edible.

I told her to look scared. She complied.
Fun little outing, definitely worth going to if you are in Provo!


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