Friday, July 26, 2013

Modesto Quick Trip

 A few days after Easter we joined Clayton's parents for a quick trip over to Modesto for Clint and Alison's baby blessing for Peter. They lived (They just moved back to Utah last week!) right on the Stanislaw River in a beautiful yellow house. They kept chickens which the kids adored. Here is a snippet of Winston getting a bit too close. Ha ha.

Bless his heart, he wanted to touch one. I love how he just shakes it off for a minute.
Eleanor loved seeing her cousins, especially Autumn.
Their lawn was truly magical. Here are Gabe, Autumn, Natalie, Eleanor and Winston playing.
Gabe is a character.
We took a wonderful walk down to and along the river, where Winston found his true calling in life: throwing rocks.
He loooooved that.
Posing on the bridge.
Micah! He was such a doll, he helped me with Winston the whole way.
There is a pretty little park on the walk.
And he was just cute, so... more pictures.
Natalie and Autumn.
My soaking wet boy.
As he spent a good amount of time half in and half out.
He was killing me with all the cute, dirty, little boy-ness of it all.
Walking back home. Autumn helped Eleanor.
And Micah, bless his heart, helped and helped and helped Winston. A wiggly, almost two year old is not an easy thing to wrangle. The good news is, no one went swimming!
Back at the house, Eleanor gives Asher and Gabe some orders.
Then stops to pose, of course.
Inside, we got Winston and Asher into their matching shirts! I tried to get a shot, but made the mistake of standing in front of the tv.
 Better, once I moved to the side.
After baths. Eleanor followed the big boys, Jonah and Micah, outside in the dark and ten minutes later she came back in with about 37 bug bites. No lie, we counted. I guess she just tastes delicious.
Family scripture study, I love how Win is looking at Jonah and Gabe is barely being restrained by Grandma Kathy.
The blessed baby, Peter.
Who is the cutest, happiest little guy!
I am sad they moved from their picturesque home on the river, but am thrilled to have them back in the state so we can see all these cuties more often!


Charlotte said...

Cute, cute, cute!!

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