Sunday, July 28, 2013

Someone's A Sexy Lawyer

 Did you guess this guy? Yep! He's finally all done! The final hoop to jump through to being an official lawyer was the Utah State Bar swearing in ceremony. May 15th we got a sitter (Thanks again, Shauna!) and dressed like grown-ups to attend the admission's ceremony at Abravanel Hall.
  Together, I am so proud of my man!
 Along with both our parents, my brother Adam and his sister Monica both attended as well. Here is Clayton and his sister in front of the Chihuly sculpture.
Us again.
 The proud parents.

 Convening of the Court.


Administration of the Oath. He's the dot in the back row... yeah, you can't see him.

 And the rest of the proud group. We went to lunch afterwards at Chunga's in Salt Lake and had an awesome spread of dang good Mexican food. Always worth a stop.

 Now we are still looking for a job while debating whether go out on his own. He got his LLC (business license essentially) and we are just at the jumping off point, so we will keep you all posted as to where we end up!


Ann said...

Yay!! You both look awesome by the way! How exciting!

Larissa said...

ROAR! What a sexy beast! Clayton is okay, too;-)
And I love the obligatory Medusa sculpture photo. I know it isn't really Medusa, but that's how I always describe it.

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