Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Eleanor's 4th Birthday!

Before the birthday post, I thought I'd show a few of her "dimnastics" pictures. Allie is in an advanced tumbling class (Jolley's in Draper, if you're curious. They're freaking amazing!) and Eleanor loves to pretend she can do what Allie does too.
 Luckily, little people are still naturally bendy, so Eleanor can do the scorpion thingy here and the back bend thingy above. I know, I should write books about gymnastics!
 P.S. We had a fun time at Tom and Jenni's house once having adults try this move. You take a tape measure and measure the distance between the toes and the back of the head, the smallest number wins. Most people were around 27 inches. I don't think I even tried, I mean, it was my game and all...
 Our little Pro!
 Allie, teaching Eleanor the ropes. I love these girls!
 Another self portrait to mark her last days of being 3.
 March 12th is Eleanor's birthday, a day she starts getting excited about around March 13th. I went more low-key this year (for me) and decided on a theme of Sprinkles. Here are the invites, I blurred out the address in this picture as I am super web-savvy and cool like that.
 I made a cute picture frame covered in sprinkles for her party and tried to take a sweet picture to put in it. 3 year olds are definitely hard to photograph easily. There is a reason you pay people to do this.
 20 pictures and I ended up using another picture I had on hand.
 The morning of her birthday, she picked out her favorite outfit (the slip) and got to open her first present, Wreck It Ralph. What a cute show. We didn't see it in the theaters, so it was fun to watch it at home.
 Her sprinkle cake! So cute and so easy. One of the darling things I saw on Pinterest and wanted to try, thus the "theme".
 Her adorable little friends! We did face painting and made "circle things" necklaces. Basically Fruit Loops, Life Savers- gummy and hard, peach rings and anything else I could find to string up. I lined them up here for present time. From left to right: Lucy H, Eva H, Charlotte G, Eleanor, Kherrington W, and Allie H.
 Princess makeup! And girl Legos, treats, nail polish, a bunch of helium balloons, a Doc McStuffin's toy set, a Cinderella doll and other magical things that 4 year olds live for. Thanks, friends!
 Girl Legos!
 It's so cute to see how happy they all are watching and how ecstatic she is opening. The time flew by and we had to send home some of the cupcakes as we ran out of time.
I bothered to make her cake extra colors inside for.... um, not any reason. I wanted to make a polka-dot cake, but didn't get the pans in time. Also- realized how little 4 year olds care about the inside of cakes. We probably ate 2-3 pieces and ended up throwing most of it away. Every year I think I am just going to make cupcakes and always end up making a cake too. They are just so fun! We got her art supplies, more girl Legos, some bug catching supplies (Why???) and other odds and ends. She had a fun day and I'm happy it went well. The only sad part was that my parents were in the middle of their cruise and missed it. Eleanor loved her party, and she's been steadily planning Winston's party ever since. Last night, her genius idea: "Mom! I've got it! Balloons!" Not even joking, she thinks she is making his birthday amazing. Ok, she kind of is.


Ruth said...

Ooh, come play Legos with our maniacs! She is getting so big- wasn't her rainbow 1st birthday not that long ago?

Shelli Sivert said...

Eleanor is so darling! Aaaah! And that cake. I really need to get on Pinterest again. Or I'll just keep checking your blog for the best of the best ideas that can actually be done. :)

LD said...

Happy birthday E! Loved catching up. Your kids are so stinking cute, I'm sad we won't get to enjoy their lively personalities in person at bull canyon. Pooh....we still need to get together at some point!

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