Wednesday, June 12, 2013

March 2013 Part 2

  More of March! One day we had the most beautiful day after all of the hideous snow. We high-tailed it to the park where the kids played and ran and Winston continually tried to steal other people's balls. He did better constrained to the swing. When E was a baby I had to save swings for last as she would never want to get out. Winston does about 5 or 6 passes and then wants to "Det dowwwwwnnn." He also likes to walk RIGHT IN FRONT of the other kids swinging. So far, he is like Mr. Magoo, miraculously missing getting plowed in the head by mere inches. (Foreshadowing... dun, dun, duuunnnnn!*)
  Bicentennial Park has the most lovely boardwalk over the "wetland" bit on the southeast end. I tried to get the kids interested with bribes of apple juice and cheese sticks, but they couldn't have hated it more. Winston constantly wanted to crawl over and get in the water, so it was a struggle just to make the loop back to the park. Lesson learned.
 Winston is the tiny little bit under the giant tree. That is the tree Clayton and I had our engagement photo taken under over 7 years ago! The park outing was nice, especially since it snowed two days later. Ah, March, ah, Utah. Remind me. Why do we live here again?
 On another day, I took Eleanor on a date with me to JCW's and to Target. Ok, so I got to pick where we went.
 I finished off the day with a trip to Sam's club with Winston and a slice of pizza.
 All dolled up for Church, with her super awesome red boots.
 Visiting with Grandma Marguerite.
 Eleanor takes some more pictures of us.
 Daddy looks great.
 Then we took some together. Basically to prove that I exist.
 How many pictures feature a stuck out tongue? (4 in this post.)
 Cute. She loves her slip. She tries to wear it almost every day. I let her and love it, as I had one just like it when I was her age.
 Trying on the doll's glasses.
 Grandma Marguerite's sister, Kathleen came over to visit. She usually stops by once every week or so. She just turned 90 and grandma is 93! I snuck in to take this picture as they both had fallen asleep holding hands.
 We got a lot done to the house while grandma and grandpa were gone on their cruise. We painted and steam-cleaned carpets and finished a bunch of little odds and ends chores. They were missed very much, but it was nice to have the time to try and surprise them.
 Then, hooray! They came back! Tan and happy to see the kids.
 They brought Eleanor a Hula-Girl outfit that she promptly put on and danced in for us.
 And Winston got an ukelele which he adores. "Gi-taaahhh! Gi-taaaaahhh!"
Winston enjoyed her hula skirt too.
 Well, he does look awesome in it.
Well, this was a bunch of odds and ends. Also- I feel like I can't write today. Like my head is all muddled. So, sorry if this all sounds dumb and cheesy. 
*A story to tell! However, it just happened this June, so I have to catch up first.


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