Monday, June 10, 2013

February 2013

 Not a whole lot going on in February either. Just more pics of the kids being the center of our universe. Like this little cutie all dressed up for church.
  Or dressed up for her snow-shoveling, woodworking (loves her tape measure) ballet.
 I love her "angelic" face when her cheeks are flushed.
 Or her super wide-eyed self-portrait. She takes a lot of self portraits.
 Actually, she takes a lot of pictures of everything. The TV, the couch, unsuspecting family members... I try to erase them as I find them, otherwise I have 78 blurry pictures of our furniture or my bum. However, she must be getting better as this happy couple asked her to do their wedding pictures. She took about 30. I think this is the one they'll get framed.
Winston, hiding by the window behind their make-shift closet. Did I mention that the kids live in the den? We converted it to a temporary bedroom and it has worked pretty well.
 Ooh, heart braids. I must have been bored.
 Winston's freaking cute hat I tried to make him wear all the time. He was not a fan.
 Here he is saying, "Get off. Get ooooffffff."
 Dressed up for church.
 This little blazer kills me. I mean, come on, people! How much cuter can it get for a little boy? A plaid blazer? Just stop!


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