Monday, June 10, 2013

January 2013

January was a nice month to settle down after the holidays. Winston got a toy train from his cousin exchange with Audrey and I took these pictures to show them how much he loved it. Pretty sad that I finally got the picture downloaded to my computer today. As in June 10th. 
You can call me Johnny on the Spot.
 Anyhow, THANKS, Audrey, Tyler and Rachel. He loves it, and I can say it has stood the test of time. He still plays with it a ton!
 So happy!
Winston is our hilarious little lounger. He will curl up in the funniest places to watch a show or play with toys.
 Neck strength!

Of course, the usual, his office on the window.
 Grandma's closet. 
(Which is normally so clean, but I had hijacked it to shove my stuff into for a quick cleaning moment.)
 And just being cute.
 For Christmas/Birthday, I got Clayton tickets to a Jazz game versus the Miami Heat. It was my first NBA game so I was enthralled with all the non-game stuff that happens. Like when they send little parachutes sailing down from the ceiling. You can barely see them in this picture, but all I could think of was how it looked just like the Hunger Games!
 There is Lebron, not bringing his talents to SLC. Ha ha ha. I made that dumb joke too many times that night. But seriously, the Jazz killed them. I was surprised how the crowd "boos" Lebron any time he enters the game. So mean and hilarious.
 Yeah, we party in the nose-bleeds! Woot woot!
 Back at home, my kids enjoy standing over the kitchen heat vent on cold mornings.
 Although, Eleanor, you might be warmer if you tried an extra layer or two of clothing. Do your girls live in swimsuits?


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