Wednesday, June 12, 2013

March 2013 Part 1

March was a busy month for our family. My parents went on a 14 day cruise to Hawaii so we held down the homestead and took care of Grandma Marguerite all by ourselves. Eleanor had a birthday and gave her first talk in Primary while they were gone. Which almost killed them from the cruelty of it all. Her talk was adorable and hilarious. It was about our Savior's plan for us. One line I wrote for her was, "We lived in Heaven with Jesus before we came to earth. He was our brother there." Only, every time we practiced, she said the last part like a very shocking question: "Jesus was our brother there?!?!" I suppose we need to work a little harder on Gospel principals. Ha ha.

We had another fun sleep over with sweet Allie where we made plastic butterflies.
Kids eating rolls.

 We had a get together at Tom and Jenni's house where Kirsten's Rozzie found a rather large See's bag.
 Which she played with for quite a few minutes. Have I mentioned that she is a bite-sized nugget of tiny-baby? Yes, she was walking at 9 months, but she looked like a 6 month old at 1 year, so it is downright hilarious to watch her wander around.
Little story about Rozzie. Did you also know that she makes the cutest little mewing sounds when she cries, and when she was a baby she sounded like a pigeon? Like, totally like a little cooing pigeon. So much so that one day Kir left her window open to let in some air during her nap time. When she came back later to check on her there were feathers everywhere. Rozzie had cooed the birds into her room for a little hang time or something. Kir was parts horrified, grossed out (Would you want possibly dirty, germy, stray birds playing with your baby?) and fascinated. She gets them to talk to her at the park, too.
 Since she already had the legwarmers on, Rozzie decided to try out McKenna's balance beam. (McKenna is Allie's American Girl doll.) This is the balance beam that my dad helped me make Allie for Christmas! Isn't it cute?
 We may or may not have a new hobby in our lives. Jenni has gotten bit by the Lego bug and we now spend a lot of our time playing Legos. Did you know they are freakishly satisfying to put together? It started when she began buying the new girl-Lego sets for Allie, then digging into Tommy's (Elder Tommy!) sizable stash for more to do. Now she buys them online and gets big sets for her birthdays. I could sort Legos for hours. For people who think it's weird, your wrong. To me it's the same as putting together a jigsaw puzzle, nobody thinks that is weird. AND it's something you can totally do with the kids. Am I defensive? Maybe. 
Anyhow, Here are a few of us upstairs playing in the Lego room. (Formerly Tommy's room. He'll get it back when he comes home.)
 Adam likes to make complicated motors and working engines and stuff.
 Allie taking a picture of Jenni's marina with her "phone".
 Just E being sweet after eating her waffle.
 My pale Casper of a boy.
 The kids helping with the dishes. Winston was basically just balanced on his tummy across the sink.
Better, with the stool scooted up.
Mask on. He never gets it straight, so he usually only has vision out of one super-hero eye.
 In case I didn't write enough about Rozzie in this post yet, Rozzie had a birthday party! Her birthday is a few days before Eleanor's. They held it at the rec center up in SLC and that place is amazing. I am so so stoked that Provo now has one too! The kids loved the pool and I loved how shallow it was. It also had a slide built right in the middle that Eleanor enjoyed after she got over her initial fear.
 Cute Win.
 For her party Kir reserved a little room right off of the pool deck where everyone had pizza and cake.
 The big event. P.S. Kir looks so lovely. Everyone else looked like drowned rats at this point.
 Look at sweet Rozzie!
 Who's a big (little) one year old?
 Kir's sister Allison was able to come down from Boise with her kids Ayla and Roman, so they got to play at our house for a day. They are both almost exactly one year older than my kids, so they play well together. I wish we got to see them more often.
 Ha ha. Roman is too funny.
 And one more of the girl of the hour.


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