Monday, May 16, 2011


A few weeks ago our playgroup was at the MSU Butterfly Garden. It's free and adorable. Of course we had a hard time finding it so we missed seeing it with our friends, but Eleanor loved it nonetheless. This picture cracks me up as we love the show Venture Brothers. One of the villains is called The Monarch and is always trying to recruit new henchmen to be his butterflies. I think Eleanor would be a great henchman.
They have little nectar pots for you to dip your finger in so the butterflies will land on you. E kinda didn't get it at first, and it's just as well. She doesn't understand the bit about not touching their wings. But she did enjoy seeing other kids hold them.
A lot of this. Begging them to land on her finger with shouts of "HERE BUTTERFLY!", then scaring them so they take off and then getting excited that "It's flying!"Here is the video of what I'm describing.

I didn't even realize when I got her dressed that morning that her shirt had butterflies on it. Wish I could claim that I was that organized.

This one flew right in her face, which made her day.
I made the mistake of catching one and trying to let her hold it. She had seen some little girls putting nectar on their head to get the butterflies to land there so she tried to put him there.
My apologies to the poor maimed butterfly and his family. I hope he can still get work with a chunk of his wing missing. She must have said "LookLookLook!" about a thousand times.
Every shot was precious as she was so delighted with the whole room. I need to find more things like this for her to do.
After we enjoyed the butterfly garden we made the short drive over to the MSU dairy for an ice cream cone. E got to share a table with one of the hottest little boys in our ward, Corban. You may have seen him before.
Ice cream is definitely an outing we need to do more often.


Shelli said...

I wish they had that type of thing here. Looks fun!

Aubreydoll said...

An ice cream outing ALWAYS needs to happen more often!

Shelli said...

One more thought here. Marianne, you are hilarious. Your comments on my blog (and yours) always make me laugh out loud. You really should have your own newspaper column. But I guess blogs are the new 'columns.' I just love you and your hilarity!

Millie @ The Busy Butlers said...

Insanely cute! Love it (and the commentary!!!)

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