Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wee Boy Baby Shower

On April 28th a few of my friends and neighbors threw baby boy Firth a baby shower. It was downright delightful! I couldn't believe how many people came to show their love, it really is the sweetest feeling to know you have such lovely friends. And can I just say the food was freaking awesome? Such good treats. Here I am with my third? plate, you can see how excited I am about it. You can also see how the buttons on my shirt are working overtime. Poor buttons. Did I tell you how I a few weeks ago I ripped my pants all the way down the front? That was awesome. Anyhow...
Look at all the fun treasures! This little guy is freaking SET!
I am going to post the names and a little info of everyone as I want to remember everyone down the road. I apologize if it isn't your favorite picture of yourself, but I think everyone looks adorable. Here are Delicia Coupe, husband just finished his 1st year of law, 3 adorable daughters and they might be the funniest couple I've ever known. Jamie Helgesen, might be the hottest person I've met in real life, her husband just finished his 3rd year of law, she's mom to 3 adorable boys. They have just moved home to Utah and the ward just got sadder. Meg Hansen, crazy smart and has three of the brightest kids I've met, who also have the most beautiful curly hair, her kids are my go-to in Primary, they will always answer a question correctly for you.
Rachelle Woodbury now lives in Washington but was here randomly for the weekend! She is expecting her second baby a bit after me, she is a yoga guru and I miss her little Josh as I occasionally watched him. Angela Johnson is my wall-neighbor, she has to put up with all our noise. Her husband is in the middle of his post-grad something or other (sorry Timmy) in Soil engineering, or something. She is expecting her third son this summer and sings like an angel. Kristy Rivers is in the Primary Presidency with me and is my sanity each Sunday. She is hilarious, the mother of 5 darling girls and works while going back to school. Straight up awesome.
Aubrey Boardman is our resident party planner whiz, has two sweet kids and is rocking it as a "single mom" while her husband is working in California for the summer. Celina Wille is the mother to four kids, the wife of our bishop, a relative encyclopedia of nutrition knowledge and one of the best cooks ever. Speaking of awesome cooks, Kristen Gray makes the best pies and treats and is one of most creative and artistic people I know, and she's talented, not just creative. There is a difference. Sadly she and her husband are moving soon.
Ashley Stevens husband is finishing his schooling this year (child psychology?) and they have two of the sweetest girls. Her daughters are always dressed like something out of a storybook and she makes the most precious quilts. Ruth Seedall is another one of my street neighbors and the mom to four great kids. She is our fountain of knowledge as far as being a mom goes. Have a question? Call Ruth. Sadly we lose them after December but we try not to think about that. Kris Barncard is one of our Relief Society's treasures. She is one of the most charitable women I know and is so thoughtful and kind.
Lexie Phillips is the last of my street neighbors. She has four blond lovelies and is also leaving this Summer. Angela and I will need anti-depressants soon to deal. Lexie is insanely talented at anything baking or crafty. People watch to see what she or Ruth bring to ward potlucks as you will want to get some of theirs first. Marissa Christensen's husband is in the middle of medical school and she is so so stylish, always looks so ladylike and put together. She is expecting her second child this fall, I always want to carpool with Marissa because she is so fun to talk to. Jodie Evans husband just finished his first year of law, they have two insanely beautiful children and she is our resident ward hair girl. It's so much fun to have her do your hair. She also knows how to do all that couponing stuff that is way beyond my IQ level.
Mandy Wood's husband just finished his law degree and so they left us along with the Helgesens. The Wood family were one of our favorites, we went to Chicago with them this winter and had a blast. They have the best taste in food and both are amazing cooks. Mandy can make any party crazy- gorgeous and is so talented at decorating and the like. Their son is sooo cute. I already miss them like crazy. Jessica Anderson just had her baby girl Abigail a week ago! Her husband just finished his 1st year of med school. They are our super impressive performers. She can play a bunch of instruments- most amazingly is the harp, and he is a ballroom dancer.
Christy Bailey is also in the primary presidency with me and is just your solid, amazing gospel pillar. Her 4 kids are so cute and soooo smart. Humble as they come, she freaking made an entire quilt in one day for our baby and it is cuter than anything I could have worked on for months. And I didn't even know she quilted! Just amazing. Last but certainly not least, Emily Becker is our ward sunshine. Aside from being gorgeous, she is so fun to talk to. She is our ward librarian and I have to force myself to go to primary rather than trap her in there to talk to me. Her two daughters look like the 50's illustrations for Dick & Jane primers, all blond curls and dimples. Her husband finished medical school and is a bona-fide doctor now. Luckily they are working here in Lansing so we get to keep them longer.
Big ol' me! I'm the ward busy-body in that I want every one's business to be my business. I'm kind of pathetic in my calling (thankful for the other three that pick up my slack), my husband just finished his second year of law school and I am expecting our second baby, a boy this time, in about fifteen days. Wait, what? That can't be right. Hmm. I am a jack of all trades and master of none as is evidenced by my house full of unfinished projects and cluttered surfaces. Today Eleanor wore a swimsuit all day long! Oh, I should mention that it was raining non-stop and a little bit freezing in the house. I am apparently motivated only by my cravings.
There were a few ladies who were there but didn't make it into pictures, and so many more friends I could talk about my love for, but again, this was mainly for records, I just got a little carried away. My mom honestly gives thanks every day in her prayers for the amazing friends and neighbors we have here in Michigan. We do too. It's hard to have so many wonderful people come and go so often, but I am so glad we got to know some of them while we're here.


Aubreydoll said...

That was so much fun to read even though I already know everyone!! (Well, I suppose that's what made it fun..) So excited for you!! But, 15 days? Surely you jest!

Alexis said...

:) I love this post. You never fail to crack me up. And wow - 15 days! So so excited to meet little mister firth

Barefoot Blueberry said...

Hey Marianne,
Yeah I'm a bit slow, but I see that you are expecting again. How exciting. I always appreciate your comments on my blog and now I "officially" found yours. Congrats on your pregnancy. I hope all goes well and I'll look forward to staying updated.



Lisa and company said...

you are really cute!

Jamie said...

What a fun shower. You're too sweet. I can't believe little man is coming so soon. I will be checking your blog daily just so you're aware.

Tony said...

The celebration of baby shower is a time of great joy for all the family of the pregnant woman and unborn child, and to make this celebration a success must be planned in advance by the best friend of the mother or herself.

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