Friday, May 20, 2011

Eleanor's Newish Tricycle!

Ok. So this was an insanely satisfying project. I recently bought Eleanor a used Radio Flyer Tricycle for $11.99. I was pleased with the price and figured I could clean it up. Only I couldn't. It had some weird tar-like substance on the handlebars that none of my magic chemicals could get off. So I decided to paint it, since that is pretty much my answer to everything in life right now. I took off the seat and taped up the wheels before I remembered to take a picture, but here is what it looked like before, only much, much dingier, and without the yellow basket on the back or the streamers.
Here is a close up of the handlebars. Ugh.
And the whole bike, minus the blue seat. A few coats of white primer, a few coats of aqua spray paint and a touch of pray gloss later...
... and we have THIS! Isn't it adorable? I am so pleased with how it turned out!Eleanor loves it so much, a little too much. Sadly now when all the neighbor kids are out riding bikes in the driveways and playing in general she will not join in if her bike is out there. She will sit on it in the middle of the lawn making sure no one will touch it. Then she wants me to bring it indoors so no one can touch it. Great. Little Ebeneezer Scrooge we've created. Remind me again, at what age does sharing kick in? She can scoot around on it a bit and can push the peddles back and forth, but doesn't understand the whole "around motion" that will get her moving. Hopefully by the end of the summer she will figure it out. I'd also love to add some sweet white streamers, but don't think there is a way to get them in the end of the handles. The previous ones were cut off and I couldn't get the handles off either. Oh well, Good enough.


Grammy Rae said...

I am quite impressed. It is so much cuter than the original. You are very inventive.

LD said...

I Love it wwayyyyyyy more than the original!! Keep the projects coming, I'm loving your gumption. I ask Charlotte every other day when the sharing stage kicks in. I even tell Z she is going to be friendless if she doesnt start soon :)

Charlotte said...

Cute, cute, cute! I don't blame Eleanor at all for protecting.

I'm still waiting for MY sharing stage to begin. I hate letting people borrow my stuff. If someone asks to borrow a book, for example, I don't lend it with a happy heart, and kind of hate them forever if the book comes back damaged in any way.

Aubreydoll said...

Who can blame her for not wanting to share??

Tim and Angela Johnson said...

Oh Marianne, your amazing gift of creativity. If my boys didn't take everything she brought out! We love having you for our neighbor, thanks for always taking care of us. We love you!

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