Sunday, May 01, 2011

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch 2011

The Saturday before Easter our little Greencrest Avenue gang threw an Easter egg hunt and brunch for basically anyone in our ward who wanted to come. We did a very scaled down version last year that was a lot of fun, this year was even better. We were blessed with beautiful weather despite it raining all night. The grass was a tad wet in places, but the sun was so wonderful. We had a great turn out. We were trying to estimate the number, and think it was around 60 people give or take a handful. The kids had a blast. Eleanor still isn't quite old enough to get why we are hiding eggs, but she enjoyed her back lawn being filled with friends and candy. Here are a few pictures from the day.

I started with a big bunch of balloons for pictures, but couldn't get one of her smiling.
She still doesn't know at this point that all of her eggs have something in them.
Daddy can always get her to smile.
And mom can usually get her to hug.
She wasn't interested in any of the food offered, until she found one of Delicia's bunny cupcakes. Of which she ate only the top. Naturally. I have a million dollar idea- reusable, plastic cupcakes that you just frost and decorate the tops of for kids parties. They enjoy the frosting and you don't waste a cake. I'd buy them.
She went off far away from the other kids to eat her cupcake. Like a little squirrel or something.
After eating, the grownups hid the eggs. Everyone brought 15 so everyone could leave with 15, and we did it in two groups. Four and older and three and under. Kept everything running smoothly and everyone very happy.
Here is a snippet of Eleanor in action. As usual, the second egg she finds cracks open and the gig is up. All she wanted to do after that was eat her chocolate.

We got her to keep going. No one said Easter was easy.
Tried for a few more pictures with her haul. Still not interested in smiling for me. She did find an old paintbrush though.
Later as we sat around talking in the sunlight... (Which burned the crap out of my pathetically white skin. Um, hello- 67 degrees was the high for the day. I am in for a world of hurt this summer.)... Eleanor decided she was hungry enough to finally eat something. Mainly leftovers from other kid's plates.
And she was happy.
The next morning she got to "find" her Easter basket. Yes, we hid it on top of the table. We'll try harder next year, but how is a two year old supposed to know that there is a magical basket hidden somewhere?
Here she is discovering it with Clayton. And boy does she loooooove her Rapunzel doll. P.S. Note her sweet bed-head.


Shauna said...

Cute cute cute! Your Easter makes my Easter look pathetically non-festive. I love her tiered dress with my whole soul. I got Lucy that Rapunzel doll too. Watch your scissors with that one. We had it home for all of 10 minutes before Lucy cut off her hair in hopes it would turn brown. Sadly, sadly disappointed.

Ann said...

Awww, missing the neihborhood badly right now!! Last year was so much fun, definitly one of my fav memories! Where'd you get that sweet picnic table? Little E is SOO dang cute in those videos! She is such a doll!

LD said...

Eleanor is stinking cute!! And I would buy your plastic cupcakes--you are brilliant.

Marianne & Clayton said...

Shauna- Ha ha. Oh sweet Lucy. I love her so much. I'm about ready to let E chop the doll's hair. It's basically turning into one big dreadlock. Pretty.

Ann- The table is either Ruth or Lexie's. Angela got a sweet one last year too, so we have got some seating! Just come back so you can enjoy it.

Shelli said...

Looks like a fun neighborhood. Eleanor is so adorable I can hardly stand it! She's talking really well, too. Jed is the same way with the Easter eggs. Oh well, we'll have plenty of time to teach them about greed later! By the way, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. We'd love to try our luck again and come see you guys.

Aubreydoll said...

We had a great time! Were there really 60 people there??

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