Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just A Few Cute Days

So I found a bag of 1000 hair elastics at the dollar store that actually stay in Eleanor's feather-fine hair. Since then I have been a bit obsessed with "doing" her hair. So far she lets me fix it if she is busy watching something on tv or eating a treat in her chair.
Great parenting, I know.
Her special smile.
She knows when something is "cute" on her in the mirror, like a bow, sunglasses or pig-tails. And when she is "cute" she smiles at her reflection and gets all giggly. I was trying to capture it on film but it's a bit blurry.
Crawling around outside, she wanted the dirt off her hands. I did too.
At the outlet mall food court.
Her super cute friend Corban. One of the many sweet ward friends I want her to grow up and marry.
Last night I had her try on her Easter outfit. Another adorable hand-me-down from cousin Allie. Sadly it's a bit big, so it will make it's debut this fall. Instead she had to wear a different adorable dress from Allie. It's rough having such a wardrobe.
Ya, I knew the hat wasn't going to last.


Aubreydoll said...

I was so bummed I couldn't come shopping with you guys! Next time for sure! I can't wait until Cadance's hair gets long enough for me to play with it, but at the same time it's nice not having to worry about it!

LD said...

Having her hair in pigtails makes her look so much bigger! I love her and I especially LOVE her special smile. Could she have anymore personality?!?

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