Friday, October 02, 2009

The World's Most Edible Baby

A few floor shots of Eleanor. Why? 1- She was wearing another adorable outfit, a hand-me-down from Allie that I love. And 2- Because this is how I spend about 70% of my day. Looking at her sweet face while we play with toys, reads books and pick up carpet lint to eat. I don't condone that last action. Have I mentioned this? I think so. We blessedly have new carpet, but sadly it pills like crazy. The lint gets rolled underfoot and makes these little tufts that Eleanor finds and chews on like Copenhagen. Luckily we've been able to get them out of her mouth each time, and the pilling is getting less and less. But still. She is very sneaky about getting them to her mouth.

She is such a cute little nugget in her cableknit romper.
Do you love my new tights? I bought them a few weeks ago at Target, and have chickened out of wearing them like, well, every day. I adore them, but feel like they might be a touch too Halloween. Today I tried them out as I didn't have to be anywhere judge-y. Like the grocery store or the library. I think E likes them. I might venture wearing them a bit more. It is Frocktober you know. And heavy tights are so heavenly with skirts.

Tonight after two rounds in the crib with no winner, I got E up at midnight. You just reach that point of "Why the heck not?". She was so over tired that she was slap-happy. Laughing at any face we would pull at her. It's hard to be annoyed at her bad sleep habits when she looks at you like this. Or this. Man I love her.
Round three was a winner and she is now blessedly asleep.

We are traveling to Utah on Sunday so she will be off her schedule anyways, right? Any traveling tips for a six month old? I also need to post her 6 month stats, but it will probably happen some time in a few more weeks. Hope to see a lot of our Utah friends while we are in town. Poor Clayton has to stay here.

Post script: The neighbor's "outdoor" voices have just woken Eleanor up. Thanks guys. Here goes round four.


Lisa and company said...

she has the BEST facial expressions!!! I bet your family is soooo excited you are coming for a visit! Have a blast!

Marianne & Clayton said...

Also- I need to note that "outdoor" voice was a line I picked up from Carina's sister's blog. She moved to a more "urban" neighborhood and joked about how she and her husband needed to work on using their outdoor voices indoor. Funny.

Marcie said...

seriously gorgeous face. I think 6 months is the most incredible age for taking pictures ... how can you resist with a gummer smile like that?

Wendi said...

Good Grief-----She kills me!!!!!

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