Friday, October 23, 2009

One picture-heavy post about our Utah trip

It's been a slow week back here at home in Michigan as Eleanor and mom are both sick. So how about a few more shots from our Utah trip?

Everyone asked how Eleanor did on the plane. Amazing. That's how. She slept very little the night before (nerves) so I expected her to crash the whole flight. Nope. She slept a sum total of 20 minutes, split into two small naps. Luckily my honest-to-goodness, exact prayers were answered, and we were seated next to two grandmas. Hallelujah. They were so sweet. Nells and Helen. They are mother-in-laws (her son married her daughter) that travel together for fun trips. They were headed to Vegas this time. They held E so I could use the bathroom. Eleanor enchanted the entire group of people around us. She would turn her head around and around making sure that each person was in fact looking at her and smiling. If not she would stare at them and wait. She does that with her daddy too.
Upon arrival we were met by the Utah branch of Eleanor's fan club. Grandma Judy, grandpa Tom and cousin Abby. Abby made a very detailed sign to welcome us home. Check it out!
Grandpa Tom was so happy to see his little cutie, but she was more interested in her present, animal crackers.
Once home, Abby and E got right to playing.
The next night we went to see the Firth grandparents. Here is Eleanor getting a lift from grandpa Rex.
Jet lag and excitement threw off her sleep schedule so she got a lot of naps with loved ones.
Like aunt Jenni.
She got to play with most of her cousins. Including Jack.
And lots of time with Allie. Allie had just turned three a few weeks before. This is the same Allie who gives us the marvelous hand-me-downs.
And look! Allie is big enough now to hold Eleanor. Sort of.
It was really nice to spend time with my grandma Marguerite. She has Alzheimer's and doesn't remember us, but she loves babies. She loved to hold Eleanor (when E would let her) and was always concerned about feeding the baby or who was going to put the baby down. She would sit and watch her play for ages with a smile on her face.
Sadly the memory loss means not remembering what babies shouldn't have. Like dairy. Oh well, Eleanor loooved the mashed potatoes.
Eleanor got to meet my friend Robert Higginson for the first time as he has moved back from California recently.
She really liked his shoes.
Learning to crawl on the trip was a real highlight. Sadly we don't provide her with enough pockets. So she has taken to carrying things in her mouth as she travels.
Like bottles of aspirin. For her tiny headaches?
One day we went to Gardner Village to see the witches for Halloween. We went with Allie and friends Sophie, (pictured) Millie and Ririe. Aunt Jenni took some awesome pictures.
Cute cousins together.
Sophie's mom Allison was "sneezing" to get Eleanor to smile. Works like magic.
There are so many moments when I didn't get the camera out, like girl night at the mall with See's or our trip us to Logan or swimming night with Abby etc... And there were so many people we didn't make enough time to play with, sorry to the friends we missed. We had a wonderful time and it went by so fast. We were spoiled rotten by all and appreciate everything everyone did for us.
At the end of two weeks though, we really missed daddy and were happy to head east to Michigan where he was waiting for us. The trip home was another success as Eleanor slept through a good part of the first flight and all of the second, AND we had an empty seat next to us both times. Ahhh, happiness! I like to think that all the flying she experienced in utero prepared her for it. (Technically, she's been to France.)

All in all it was a rockin' good time!


LD said...

Bless those Grandmas! I have always sat next to grandmas or really nice moms on planes.

What a fun trip. The heartache of moving away when you have a baby: you can fly home and spend extended time with family but you miss your hubby like crazy!!!

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