Monday, October 26, 2009

Adventures in Babyproofing

So remember my post about all the dangers in our living room? Recap: There are a lot. I feel like I made some good headway on the immediate dangers that Eleanor faced. I moved the plant up high, I installed a baby gate (three times) at the base of the stairs, I rearranged a bit of lamp and couch, I tidied up cords and I put a rubber bumper around the edge of the hearth. So far so good. Only Eleanor quickly learned to scale the hearth, making the bumpers only slightly necessary.

What gives with this girl? She's racing ahead of us at every step. Whenever I think we have a cushion of time to prepare for her next big milestone, (like coming on her due date), she decides to mock us and jump on to the one just past it. Are we proud? Heck yeah! Is it annoying? Also yeah! I want her to stay wee and small and be my little baby just a tiny bit longer. She is pretending to be a toddler. I don't like it. Don't get me wrong, she is in her age range, we don't have a super-baby (well, we do...). I think I may just be behind on the parenting. Her three favorite things in a room full of toys, and hundreds of benign items? Clayton's computer cord. It is her Holy Grail. Kleenex and paper. Wont let me wipe her nose, but if I wanted to feed her Kleenex she would eat a full box. And anything small or gross stuck in the carpet, or the carpet itself. Like dead ladybugs and leaves. Seriously. I could use this girl as tweezers. When she can have everything else, how does she know these are the few things she can't have?

Anyway... Here is a video of her climbing the stairs.


moabgirl said...

I love how she looks at you.

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