Saturday, October 10, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Before & After

Eleanor will be seven months old in a few more days. The last week has held a few fun milestones. She has cut her first tooth and she has started to crawl! She went from a drop-scoot maneuver one day which you see in the video taken at the Firth grandparents. Then the next day she started actual crawling which you see in the video with her cousins Grant and Abby. Now she can cruise all over the place and is even trying to pull her self up to the couches and steps. It's amazing and incredibly adorable. We are sooo proud of her, but will have to hurry and baby proof the house. Something I thought we had a little more time on. Eleanor and mom are in Utah right now, so poor dad is missing most of this, but she'll have quite a show for him when we return to Michigan. Because of this I will be posting a lot of video in the next few days to keep dad happy.


Ann said...

Clayton told us about her new accomplishments! We are sorry we are missing it but I think he misses it more than us! ha. Have fun in UT but come back fast! We all miss you here on the street!

Mark and Sarah said...

oh no look out she is on the move!!! What a cutie! I love the videos.

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