Sunday, October 18, 2009

This, I promise, will be random.

I always feel like random should be spelled with an extra 'n' in it. Like randomn. Anyone else get this? I suck at spelling, anyhow...

We are happily back home in Michigan. Back with our sweet Clayton after two lovely weeks in Utah. Two fun weeks, but such a long time away from daddy. Eleanor is an entirely different baby now. She can crawl, pull herself up to things and has one more tooth than she had when we left. (2 total.) She can also play peekaboo and eats more solids. Go E!

All this is lovely, but now I am looking around our apartment and thinking:

"Oh crap."

Sorry for the indelicate language. But do you know how many wires are dangling at her crawling eye level? I can count six in this room alone. Marble fireplace surround ten inches off the ground with baby-denting edges? One. TV receiver and dvd player within pulling-down-on-her-wee-head-reach? Two. Or how about the eighteen framed pictures that I have leaning against a wall as I am in the midst of a decorating blitz? Eighteen. Not enough danger? How about the tool box full of tacks, nails, hammers and drill parts? One. It's out here and open for her. The potted plant full of fertilized soil? One. Very big and just the right height! Tasty leaves to break off into choke-able pieces? A thousand. Sewing machine? Check. Plastic bags full of craft ribbon? Uh huh. And let's not forget the ever-tufting carpet that makes little tasty treats for her to marinate in her mouth like chewing tobacco. Good stuff.

Baby proofing is hard.

Three weeks ago I felt like a hero for buying outlet covers. What a laugh. Ah well. I am off to google who has the best baby gates.

Also- I heard a Ben Gibbard song on the radio the other day that had the line in it: "Rocket fuel is the key, he said." I think it's from his new soundtrack from the Jack Kerouac movie, but I can't find the lyrics to prove it. Does anyone know? I really liked the song.

Also- Barefoot in the Park is on tv right now, and I hate it as much as I did the first time I saw it in high school. I hate the character of Corie. Very much. Jane Fonda is awful in it. Just awful. Sorry if there are any fans out there. And Robert Redford can't pull off whimsical. He can pull off a lot, but not that. I'd change the channel, but I am blogging right now and can't be bothered.

I have more videos to post of E's little accomplishments. Baby brag blog, I know, but seriously. She's our little version of Cirque du Soleil and we can't get enough. For now here is a cute shot of her at Gardner's village. The beret is a bit twee, but deal with it.

Gee, why does the tone of this all sound so aggressive?


Dusty and Amy said...

Absoluetly adore the picture!

Darin and Shannon said...

baby proofing AH! not looking forward to that...that just sounds overwhelming! The picture is ADORABLE by the way!

Wendi said...

Her coat is adorable! Just about as adorable is her!

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