Thursday, October 01, 2009

Burning Down the House

So.... I started a little fire. I didn't mean to. Call it Karma, but I am always touting the line that in apartments, condos and duplexes, "You are trusting your neighbors not to burn down your house." Sadly my neighbors can't trust me anymore.

Sunday I was basting a ham and had put some water on to boil for the potatoes. As it started to boil I suddenly I see the paper towels next to the stove catch fire. The towel roll was too close to the gas flame. (Note to self: Where else can we put the paper towels? Seriously!) Anyhow, there were three miracles that day.

Miracle 1- I happened to be right next to the stove. How many times do I leave water to boil while I go do something else? All the time. Don't we all? Put water on, go do laundry or whatever while it heats up.

Miracle 2- I was holding metal tongs to balance the ham as I basted. This enabled me to grab the burning towels without a second thought. By the time I grabbed it the flames were reaching the upper cabinets.

Miracle 3- I had actually done the dishes that day, which left an empty sink to put the now blazing towels into. And we have a sprayer attachment that I handily used to put out the flames.

Had I been upstairs who knows how long till we would have noticed? I shudder to think.

Had I not had the tongs in hand I would've debated using a towel or water first. Seconds matter in kitchen fires. It was startling to see how fast it went from a surprised "oh" to "OH SWEARWORDS!!!" (P.S. I actually say the word "swearwords" instead of other bad words. I find it funny, and in a real emergency it's nice to know my possible last words wont be blush-worthy. )

Had there been a sink full of dishes, I may have panicked or dropped the roll or who knows what. As it was, it was a ridiculously smooth maneuver. I'm not known for being ridiculously smooth.

I believe I owe the miracles to both of our mothers. Their faith surely secured our luck. I complain of my tiny kitchen, but there seemed to be room enough for a few guardian angels in there. Ha ha. Too cheesy? Ok. Totally. Clayton came running to my calls of "FIRE!" to find it all over. Being the sweetest husband ever his first words to me are, "I promise not to sing any Talking Heads to you today."


Beckie said...

How scary!! I am so glad that you were there so that it didn't spread any more!

Charlotte said...

Whew! That was a close one. Mind if I borrow your "swearwords"? It would be a much better habit than the $#@%'s that come out of my mouth in times of stress.

Petit Elefant said...

cable knit rompers make babies just THAT much more edible.

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