Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Miscellaneous Fall 201

My kids freaking LOVE uncle Adam's car. He is so sweet and lets them climb all over it when he comes, pushing every conceivable button over and over. If he ever has a dead battery, I can promise you it was us.
Eleanor in the elevator at City Creek.
After one of Abby's dance recitals.
Just a cutie.
Another cutie.
Standing on the table. No no no.
And trying on grandma's "extra" glasses.
Digging in the front garden with grandma in his little lumberjack shirt.
And hanging out in grandpa Tom's truck.
I took Eleanor to the Doll House fair at the Provo library. I was trying to get an Alice in Wonderland shot, but most of the houses are too cheaply made to even look cool. This one was the best one, and it didn't have furniture in it. I was fairly disappointed after reading great reviews about it back when we were in Michigan.
Grandma came and joined us there. She bought a cute red rocking horse, because that's what grandmas do.
Nail time with cousin Abby. Not sure what is going on with E's face, ha ha.
School shopping for Abby. She stopped and was laughing as every time Eleanor passed a mirror, she had to stop and admire herself.
"I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."
She seriously does it all the time. Here is another trip. We may need to work on vanity.


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