Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Guess who hasn't had the baby yet? That's right! Me! Thus the blogging. I figure I should get completely caught up so I can go all ape blogging baby-boy news... once he finally decides to come out. Why wont he get out?! Ok, so I'm only 4 days over, I know that is like, nothing compared to a lot of people. Two of my neighbors went 10 days. So I can hang in there a few hours more. Ha ha. I find I am getting grumpier though, which makes me feel bad and then makes me want to cry. Yep, I'm all kinds of fun right now. Anyhow, that isn't what this blog post is supposed to be about. Moving on.

My sweet mom got here last Thursday evening and it has been just wonderful having her here. She has been making my life so much easier. I haven't had a chance to wash a dish and Eleanor has never had it better. On Saturday we all went to Outback for dinner, which was awesome as always. We were having a lovely evening.
However, Eleanor was a bit distracted by something...
Something alarming...
... but something she has been very curious about lately. Crocodiles. Our table was facing this little guy on the wall. She HAD to go visit him. She's not scared of them, just completely obsessed. It all started with her loving and watching a lot of the cartoon Peter Pan recently.
This was a pretty realistic looking guy.
A few weeks ago we thought we were being funny by asking her what a crocodile says, thinking there isn't really an answer, or at least one we taught her. But she surprised us with this funny little growling-song-thing. It took us a minute to realize that she was singing the "crocodile music" from Peter Pan. (It's the little tick-tock song that plays every time the crocodile is trying to get Captain Hook. You can here me singing it on here too, sorry.) We laughed so hard at our funny little girl. She really keeps us on our toes. She has since then learned to love both Rescuers movies as well as they also feature crocodiles. I finally got her to "sing" the crocodile song on camera this past week. In this first clip she also mentions that crocodiles are in the Rescuers, only I didn't figure it out for a minute. Like I've said before, she is much smarter than both of us.

Here is another version of basically the same thing. Cute, but long.

And in completely unrelated news, here is a little summer outfit we received for the forthcoming (hmphh, we'll see) baby. As you can see it says "Ben's Banana Stand".
So with a little unpicking and fabric paint, I changed it to say this.
Which is from one of our all time favorite shows, Arrested Development. Yep. I am using this pre-baby time super efficiently!(George Michael and Michael Bluth working hard at the Bluth Banana Stand.)


Ann said...

What?! Outback didn't work? Weird.

Love the AD shirt. Soo funny.

Shelli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelli said...

My first try sounded wierd once I got it typed. So, sorry to waste one of the comments on my deleted one. OK, second round. Great show, love it. And come on baby Firth, we want to meet you!

Aubreydoll said...

AHH!! I literally just started watching Arrested Development last night with my mom! I had no idea what the onsie meant a couple days ago and now I'm laughing hysterically! Here's hoping that baby comes today! I want to see pictures of that sure-to-be cute little guy!

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