Wednesday, May 22, 2013

November 2012

November! Nothing much happened, but here are some shots of the nothingness. Cute Win pushed a chair up to the sink to help with the dishes. I leave the room for a minute and come back to this.
 You really do get a better clean if you use your knees.
 Trying on his summer gear, just in time for snow.
 And demanding to see the camera before the picture is taken. I love that you can see the color of his eyes in this shot. He has the most adorable olive green eyes.
 After a Sunday dinner, Rapunzel is asking Kirsten's Jessie about his tattoos. "How did you DO that?!" She kept asking him, fascinated. He does have an impressive sleeve.
 He and Kirsten's little Rozzie watching Baby Einsteins on a tablet with Jenni, Winston and Tom. Kids are so fun.
I love his little smile, and I love how he looks like a giant next to her tiny nugget of a self.
 Rapunzel decided to be Snow White on another day. These are her "creepy eyes". If you ask her for creepy eyes you will get a different eye trick every time. Not sure she knows what creepy means.
 Eleanor, baby Rozzie and Win in their mess of a room. Can you spot them all?
 Winston, helping Grandpa Tom with the gutters. We learned that Winston LOVES ladders! Yay for us!
 And climbing in general.
 Taking selfies. (Oh man, I really hate that word)
 Winston at "his desk". He sits at the window on top of the couch with his legs tucked in between the couch and the wall. He used to do it all of the time, now only occasionally.
Seriously, he used to do this all of the time. 
 We went up north for Grandma Ethel Mae Firth's birthday party. Here are some of the great-grandchildren who were able to attend. I love the Firth cousins, they are always so much fun.
 And the grandchildren who were there. Between Lex and Wes joking, they couldn't keep it together long enough for a decent shot.
Much better.
 Ethel Mae with her kids. From left, Carol* and Jess, Kathy and Rex*, Ethel Mae, Wayne* and Deb and Wayne*, Rebecca and Max* and Wendi* and John. 
(*Denotes which ones are her kids and not the spouse.)
Eleanor enjoying her cousins and second cousins. (Is that what they are? First cousins once removed? Who decides this stuff? Where is the website?)
Well, I am off to google genealogy terminology, and hopefully get this blog into the year 2013, since it's almost June. 


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