Friday, April 22, 2011

We Are NOT Potty Training!

I decided about a month or so ago that I wouldn't bother trying to potty train Eleanor until at least the fall, even though she is showing a bunch of the "signs" that she is ready for it. Originally I thought I should get her done before the baby comes in June. But then wiser mothers reminded me of all the reasons it might not "take". Baby coming and upsetting her entire universe, lots of days spent outdoors in swimsuits, possible traveling or weeks spent away from home etc... So I happily made the decision to wait, even though Eleanor is fascinated by all things bathroom-related. It started getting bad. About three times a day she wanted to "Doh potty." So I would hoist her onto the toilet and have to squat there holding her in place so she didn't fall in or off. In my gigantic, awkward state, this was getting harder and harder. Especially when she never once produced so much as a drop. So I bought her a little potty chair, figuring that she could at least do her pretending without me breaking my back.

Um, yeah. She doesn't quite get it.
Like, at all. Which makes me feel good about our decision to wait.
What does she get? That the seat has three magical parts that are endlessly fun to take apart and reassemble all over the house. I keep forgetting that I should be embarrassed when company finds part of the little chair somewhere it shouldn't be. Like on the dining table. I forget not everyone knows that tiny naked bums have never graced the seat. And hopefully wont until October or later. Until then we can just continue putting her pajamas on backwards to keep her from stripping nude every time she "goes" at night. We were waking up far too often to re-diaper her naked little heinie a few times each night. I'll let you know how it goes.


Shelli said...

Jed loves to take his little seat apart. That's the only fun thing about it. Sitting on it's no fun. Also the blue squishy part makes an excellent hat. I told myself I'd never worry about another milestone. We'll see. (By the way, thanks for the chuckle with your funny comment on our blog!)

Jamie said...

I love reading your blog. It cracks me up. Sounds like Eleanor and Eli are about on the same page as far as potty training goes. I'm holding off for as long as possible.

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